Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches

The Travel Channel has a new show, if you haven’t heard yet. “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches” stars Bridget Marquardt, formerly from the show, “The Girl’s Next Door,” a show about three Playboy bunniebridget_360s that are Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and all of their daily adventures.

When I heard about “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches,”¬† initially, I was not interested. The previous show she had been on, was quite annoying in my mind and I just figured this would be filled with the same annoying laughter and unintelligent decisions on outfits and men. I was surprisingly wrong, Bridget is actually a lot easier to handle when there is only one of them, instead of the three-headed beast that took over the previous show.

Bridget travels to the most beautiful beaches and shows us five of the beaches of that area, the lifestyles and the party spots of each place. She is not afraid of adventurous excursions like wake boarding or early morning sport fishing, but is afraid of seafood. I like that about her though. I myself find it hard to choke down certain seafood items and to see a show that doesn’t glorify that this person will eat anything, and I mean anything – Andrew Zimmern, I’m talking to you, I find that gives her a human quality.

She stills shows her Playboy since of fantasy in some of her choices in outfits. In the Turks and Caicos episode, she goes on an adventure looking for pirate “booty” left behind and decides to pull out the tiny, tiny female pirate outfit, stilettos and all, apparently leftovers from the Playboy themed parties.

She actually seems to know quite a bit about the places that she travels to and informs us of things that a younger crowd would want to know for traveling. For instance, bsb_s_aus_002where is a great place to grab breakfast when you have been out partying all night long. Some of the places that she has already traveled to on her one hour shows are: Jamaica, Thailand, Hawaii, Australia, Croatia, Spain and Turks and Caicos. Next week, she ventures back to familiar territory to explore the beaches of Southern California.

Overall, she is no replacement for Samantha Brown or Anthony Bourdain, but she travels to beautiful places that I already wanted to travel to and now even more. She is entertaining to watch and actually quite lovable. Plus, this is one show on the Travel Channel that you can actually get your husband to sit and watch with you.

I give Sexiest Beaches 4 “fun in the suns” out of 5.

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by Angela Davis

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