Guitar Hero World Tour on xbox 360

Being a girl, there really isn’t a lot of games that peak my interest for long periods of time. I’ll play a little “first person shooter” every now and then but I’m not into “R.P.G.s” (role-playing game), and I’m definitely not into the “MMO” games (massive multimedia online). Then these rhythm games come along and all of the sudden, everyone’s girlfriends and moms are taking over the Xbox 360.

Guitar Hero World Tour is the third installment from the franchise, not including the individual games for Aerosmith and Metallica. The game plays the same as the previous Guitar Hero games plus the installment of including microphone and drums. With a whole new selection of songs to play, plus the option to download more songs, this game has a lot of fun built

After spending the first half an hour of the game designing your very own rock star, the game gives you an automatic bank roll of money to choose some rockin’ outfits for your character. Once you are officially ready to rock, you can start playing from a tiny list of about five songs. You must play your way through small gigs, gaining songs along the way. Once you have played quite a bit of the game, you will actually have a setlist to choose from if you want to just rock with your friends.

I played this game on all of the instruments and had problems with a couple of them. I had problems activating the Star Power on the drums a lot of the times. Its asks that you hit two of the drums simultaneously, but while also in the middle of playing the given notes for the song. So, for me, the Star Power came with a punishment of missing notes in the song in order to gain that power. Unlike RockBand, the similar game of music that had the whole band idea first, Rockband lays out a solo area for you to freestyle on the drums to gain your star power, which on that game is called “Overdrive.” It is much easier and more fun to just freestyle and just hit the button at the end of the segment to activate it.

On the microphone, Guitar Hero has a scrolling line for your voice to match which can make it easier to be more accurate with the notes or make you sound more terrible. There are also these awkward points where you are supposed to apparently make noises to gain more points when you aren’t singing, but in my opinion, it just makes you sound like you have no idea what song you are singing. The Star Power, again, is a problem for me since the only way you can activate it on the mic is by pushing Y, the yellow button on the controller. So, for someone like me, who likes to fully devote myself to rocking, its distracting to have to keep picking up the controller and hitting a button. Another thing is, when you are not singing, the star power you have already gained, is slowly draining away. All of that hard work, basically down the drain! On RockBand, once again, your “Overdrive” is gained and saved through the whole song, until you use it. And to activate that power, you just have to make a noise or carry on a long noguitar_hero_world_tour_rebel_yellte into a highlighted section on your screen. Much more rock-worthy.

The guitar and bass play is similar on both games. Guitar Hero is the game to play if you think the RockBand guitar and bass are just too easy for you. There are more intricate notes to hit on Guitar Hero, which I appreciate. I do, however, like using the Guitar Hero guitar on both games better than the one issued for RockBand. The Guitar Hero guitar goes into the Star Power so much easier on both games, where as the RockBand guitar has to literally be yanked in every direction and sometimes just danced with to get the power going. I do prefer the RockBand drum set over the Guitar Hero one because: first, I like the look of it better; second, I prefer the four drum pads over three; and third, every time I have played on the Guitar Hero drum set, something has malfunctioned on me.

There is an option to make your own music on this game, but for me, that’s probably not something I’m ever going to sit down and do. I prefer to just have my karaoke sessions, replicating major songs. A lot of the songs that I like on Guitar Hero are also on RockBand. There are a few, however, that I was excited to play on this game: Michael Jackson’s Beat It, Blink 182’s Dammit, Korn’s Freak on a Leash, Filter’s Hey Man, Nice Shot, Eagles’ Hotel California, The Doors’ Love Me Two Times, Linkin Park’s What I’ve Done, and all three Tool songs; Parabola, Schism, and Vicarious.

So even though there was a lot of new songs to be played and achievements to be had on this game, every time I began playing it, I just felt myself wanting more. I gave it plenty of tries with different friends and each time we popped that game out, RockBand was quickly installed in the Xbox in its place.

I give Guitar Hero World Tour 3 “RockBand microphones” out of 5.

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by Angela Davis

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