Heroes Chapter Twelve ‘An Invisible Thread’ season 3 finale *Big Time Spoilers*

NUP_134296_0541This is the finale of Heroes season 3, I have had a love-hate relationship with this season and I feel the same way with this episode. It had some classic Heroes aspects that I have grown to love, and some of the bad traits that later Heroes seasons have picked up. One of the things I liked was how it started with the monotone narration of Dr. Suresh(Sendhil Ramamurthy). This was calming for me and it gave me the feeling that we were getting back on track. As in every season finale, you sit hoping that nothing bad happens to a character you love and in this episode that character is Hiro (Masi Oka). It seems Hiro is developing a problem as Suresh said, his body is reacting to his power like it’s a virus and causing to hemorrhage and bleed from his nose and ears. Hiro is brave and goes along using his power even though it could kill him, “Bruce Wayne only sleeps two hours a night” he says hunched over a gurney that was once home to a drugged-Suresh. This is where Heroes gets me, I love it when a show pulls at my heart strings and they do it well in this instance. The next step for me was to give Peter(Milo Ventimiglia) his powers back and all will be fine we can get this show back on track.

This is where the writers get a little tricky, Hiro has saved the day taking down building 26 and Peter and Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) are on their way to kick some Sylar ass. Nathan speaks the words I’ve been wanting to hear all season, ” Peter just has to touch Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and he will have his NUP_134296_0819powers.” I jump to the edge of my seat during the commercial break thinking “yes, they are going to do what I want and Peter will once again be all powerful.” We come back with Nathan and Peter walking down the hall of the hotel Sylar is staying in waiting to meet the President and become him. My anticipation grows, “I’m going to get to see the fight I’ve been waiting for!” Sylar Vs. Peter. My mind goes back to the future episode in the first season and how I wished the doors hadn’t closed and I could have seen more of the mythic battle. Peter and Nathan fly in and those doors are back and the Heroes new budget kicks in. All we get is Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) reaction, her eyes shocked and her sighs of disbelief. Then the doors open and we see the carnage of the battle that I’ve been waiting to see since season 1.

NUP_134296_0792If that is not bad enough, facial expressions from Peter and the wounds on his forehead are not conveying that he took all of Sylar’s powers. My disappointment meter starts to rise, I start to wonder if Heroes will ever return to the glory of the first season. I just don’t think the return of the old writers can fix this show because obviously they can’t find a writer that can stay away from killing Nathan, oh, and then bring him back. I really wanted to like this episode but I just can’t bring myself to say I did. I realize now that the big changes the new/old writers were going to have to find a way to make Sylar an on again/off again character. I had worries of this ever since Quinto signed on for “Star Trek.”

I think to myself, it will be ok there is still a little time left in this episode. I start to hold my breath for what we always get with these finales,¬† a look into the next chapter, but this one did not offer up any glimmer of hope. There was no Sylar and a can of spinach, no Hiro in ancient Japan, the only thing it offered me was a realization that even the old writers can’t fix this broken show.

I give Heroes 1 “where is Hiro’s sword” out of 5


by Ryan Davis

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