Horrifying Holiday Inn, St. Louis

I was driving into St. Louis for a concert and needed somewhere close to stay for the night. I booked my hotel online and drove straight to it when we arrived in St. Louis. It was not hard to find. It was in a business district, so there was lots of concrete, but no where to park. In fact, as soon as I arrived, I was told that I had tfeatr_pool_03_eo pay extra just to park across the street!

I picked this hotel, not knowing the area, but knowing that I wanted to walk to my concert and not have to pay for parking there. According to my price range, and the distance on the maps, this was the place for me. Until I walked in…

After the parking fiasco, I loaded up my bags and headed in the hotel. They were apparently in the middle of remodeling according to their sign, and the lack of floor. I received my room key and went upstairs. The room was average, what you would expect for the price range and it being a Holiday Inn. There were two beds, a desk, and a window that looked out over a parking lot. The bathroom was decent size, although, I wasn’t sure of the last time that they actually cleaned the shower. I laid a towel in the bottom of the tub to stand on to take a shower.

We had some time, before the show, so we decided to go check out their pool area where they had an indoor pool and hot tub, sounds inviting. Two of us decided to get into the hot tub to relax after suffering through a four hour drive and the third member of our party decided to swim. The pool was pretty small, not really designed for swimming, more just floating. The hot tub was second rate as well. The temperature was luke-warm at best, and after asking a maintenance person to help us out, he moaned and groaned and barely turned it up at all. We gave up and decided to get out.

We walked to and from the concert and had a blast. When we walked back into the hotel it was late and we decided to walk through the pool area to get to our room. The pool area was closed and they had drained the hot tub for the night. We peered in and what we saw still haunts my dreams at night. They had piles of left over hair and what appeared to be mangled skin particles all clogging the drains and had also been floating in the very water we decided to sit in earlier! I was mortified, thankfully, we had decided to take showers before going to the concert, so it was not still clinging to us.

Sleeping in the bed was no problem since we were so tired from the concert, I wouldn’t say the mattress was soft, but it was a mattress. The next morning, we packed and checked out and never looked back. I would never stay in this hotel again after the things that I saw. I know that it is only a Holiday Inn, but it is a budget-friendly hotel that lots of people can afford. So, I wanted to warn all of you. I stayed here back in August of 2008.

The exact address is:

Holiday Inn Select St. Louis – Downtown/Convention Center, MO
811 North 9th Street
Saint Louis, MO 63101

I give the Holiday Inn 1 “approach with caution” out of 5


by Angela Davis

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