I AM SYLAR!!!! Heroes Review 4.20.09

heroes-season-3-promos-9“That guy really has an ego” as Sylar said about himself when he was someone else. If that sentence doesn’t encompass this whole episode, I don’t know what does. This was another great Sylar episode and we needed another one of those this season. After the last episode, I was about to give up on this show but then “they pulled me right back in.” Following Sylar around as he tries to find out who he is and what he has become was so fulfilling.

Is he a villain or is he a hero is the question I think we get answered in this episode and the answer is HE IS SYLAR! This episode really let us into the head of your favorite psychopath. He saves people, he kills people, and he just really wants to make is mom happy. The scenes with his mom were the most gratifying in a Psycho Bates family kind of way. sylar-savesIt really brought us back to season one of heroes and the magic that it was. I’m starting to wonder where they really want to go with this show and if it could even survive with out Zachary Quinto (Sylar, Spock).

Zachary is really coming into his own and has taken the Character of Sylar to a whole new level. Who knew that they could take the sloppy writing of Heroes and make it look like it was all planned. They have taken this character and turned him into a multi-layer being and without Zach it just wouldn’t work. He has made this confused killer my favorite character to watch on TV. Thank you Zach for making me still watch Heroes.

by Ryan Davis.

I give “I Am Sylar” 4 confused Sylars out of 5


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