“I can get you a toe.” The Big Lebowski Giveaway. *CLOSED*

bigIn honor of Lost In Reviews going live, we have a little something for our first adopters (that’s you). We are going to give away 2 sets of Big Lebowski toys. We just could not split up “The Dude” from Walter. That’s right, now calm down, “there’s a beverage here.” So you must be asking yourself “what do I need to do to get this cool prize?”. Well, here’s the deal we are going to give these little achievers to the people that can name the movies/games/TV-shows that are used in our sliding bar and while your looking at the images read some reviews, leave some comments and enjoy the site.  Two winners will be chosen at random from the group of people that can name the images. Just submit your answers into the form below.  Now start your naming and good luck. Keep checking back to Lost in reviews for more cool giveaways and reviews.

Registration has ended.

Congratulations to:

Allen from Kansas City, MO and Natalie from Blue Springs, MO

The Answers are: Lost in Translation, LOST, Lost Planet, This is Spinal Tap, The Darjeeling Limited, The Big Lebowski and Secretary.

Thank you to all those who entered and keep checking back for new contests and more prizes!

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