The Office Season 5 Episode 23 – Broke *Spoilers*

This was another classic and almost heart felt episode of the office. The episode started out with Michael (Steve Carell) going house to house to pick up his michael-scott-paper-company_481x304employees at 6am for paper deliveries. The deliveries are being made in an old gray van with Korean lettering on the side. We find out from Pam (Jenna Fischer) that the lettering translates to something along the lines of a church van and leads to the problem of old Korean ladies trying to get in to be taken to church. After that ,Ryan (Bj Novak) makes the suggestion that they hire a delivery guy. Michael agrees and they are off to the accountant to see if this is possible.

With a little bit of witty back and forth about number crunching, we find out that the Michael Scott Paper Company is “Broke.” It turns out that they are selling the paper for less than it costs them to buy it. This sends our three newly formed enterprises into a panic as they call all of their newly acquired clients ( formerly Dunder-Mifflin clients) and try to get them to pay more for paper they have already purchased.

While all of this is going on the top minds of Michael’s old Dunder-Mifflin branch try to figure out how to make up for all the clients they are losing to Michael. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Jim (John Krasinki), Charles (Idris Elba) and Michael’s old boss David(Andy Buckley)¬† come up with the idea to buy out Micheal’s company.office1

This episodes was one of the funniest of the year. The dialog between Pam, Michael, and Ryan is hilarious. Especially the part where Ryan reveals that he did not go to Thailand but did eat at a good Thai restaurant in Fort Lauderdale¬† which I hear is “lovely.” I’m really loving the witty banter between The Michael Scott Paper crew. Though I know it will come to an end and we will no longer see fights over laptop usage and office corner time, these last few episodes have been fun to watch. As I sit here and think about it, the pan-out shot of the Korean lady sitting in the van by herself still cracks me up.

I give “Broke” 5 wads of money out of 5


by Ryan Davis

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