deadpoolAfter X-men Origins: Wolverine killed the box-office, taking in 85 million dollars, it was almost a guarantee that there would be another X-men spin off, it was just a question of who the main character would be. I can’t say that my fingers weren’t crossed, ever since Ryan Reynolds was named as Deadpool in the Wolverine film, that a full length movie would be soon to follow. As it turns out my wish has come true, today 20th Century Fox has announced that Ryan would star in the next spin off of the Origins franchise. deadpool-ryan

The only real question I have now is what DeadPool will we get? The one from Wolverine or the wise-cracking, sword-wielding one that I love. For this to really work, I think they need to just throw out that version of Deadpool or come up with a way to take away the extra powers they gave him. I know I should learn from my mistakes, I thought Wolverine was going to be a good comic-to-movie adaptation, but, I have high hopes for this for this movie and I can’t wait for the first wise-cracking trailer.


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