LOST “The Incident” two-hour finale *spoilers spoilers spoilers*

“Has it occurred to you, that perhaps that little nuke is the incident?” Miles.

TV Lost FinaleTonight’s finale, The Incident, Jack is determined to formulate a plan to ignite the H-bomb, and reset time, while Locke, in 2007, is determined to meet Jacob and kill him. There are three stories that converge throughout the two hour finale. The remaining survivors from Ajira, flight 316 and their mission to find what lies in the shadow of the statue, John Locke and his mission to find and kill Jacob, and the crew of Dharma-ville back in 1977 determined to blow it all to hell.

There was so much to be revealed in this episode. So much, that I feel I must watch it over and over again. Some of the first to be uncovered is Rose and Bernard are happy and safe on some other part of the island. They have made a home for themselves and are taking care of Vincent. We couldn’t forget about Vincent! He is healthy and happy as well as Rose and Bernard. Although, Bernard has grown a handsome beard. They gave some great advice in the three minutes we got to see them. Rose says, “you traveled back thirty years in time and you are still trying to find ways to shoot each other.”  She sounded like those who complain that they don’t understand LOST and are in fact, lost. An homage to those who don’t understand the phenomenon that is LOST. We still have no clue where Claire is though, is she alive, living in the jungle somewhere, or living safely with Jacob and we have yet to see?

When Sayid got shot, running through Dharmaville with the bomb, Jack became a total BAD ASS again! I love a good gun fight on LOST, and Jack is getting much better at really pumping it up. He and Sayid were saved by Hurley and Jin in a van and it was very reminiscent of the episode where Hurley drove the van down on the beach and saved everyone again by running over the bad guys.

We also met Jacob and saw, through moments in history, that he had been with every member of flight 815 at some point in theibenr life. We saw him with Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid and Hurley so far. The show opened with him on the beach having an argument with someone about bringing people to the island. As you see a ship of in the distance, you wonder, is that the Dharma Initiative, is it The Others, or Richard? Maybe it was the Black Rock ship we have heard so much about.  More mysteries to be revealed in the last season happening next year.

As Jack moved the bomb closer and closer to the Swan station, more and more people began to tag along. Kate, Sawyer and Juliet got off of the sub and made their way to Jack to stop him. After one hell of a fight between Jack and Sawyer, they agreed to let Jack go. That fight was much more than about the bomb though. That fight was letting out years of repressed anger at each other for banging each other’s women. Which ever woman is which, they are all in love with each other and it become very obvious tonight. Kate had a very loving moment with Jack, talking about when she first stitched him up in the pilot episode. She had tears in her eyes and they looked like a couple in love. But there is still a feeling that they each love someone else just as much.

There were some HUGE shocking moments in the end of this finale that really had me on the edge of my seat, literally. First, we find out that what lies in the shadow of the statue is, in fact, Jacob. As Locke and Ben venture in, the Ajira crew show up and when they open the cargo box that they have been carrying around this whole time, John Locke’s body falls out. WHAT? So, is he dead, is he alive, or just a walking spirit like everyone else on this island now? Maybe his body is just being possessed by the very person that Jacob had an argument with in the beginning of the episode. We know this because Jacob says to Locke/man possessing his body “I guess you found your loophole.” So was Ben killing Jacob for his own feelings, or was it just a manipulation?

It appears that this new Locke is a bit of an Antichrist though. Before, he was about the destiny and chosen path and “this is what were supposed to do”. Now, its as if he wants to symbolically kill GOD and become the new religion of the island. And on the other side, Jack has taken the place of old Locke, becoming very faith-driven and destiny-ridden.

The final scenes literally had me in tears. After Jack drops the bomb in and all of the electromagnetic chloxckeaos begins, we wonder if Miles was right, and they actually caused the incident. But when Juliet gets pulled in by those chains, I was in tears just watching her hold onto James. She cried out her love to him and let go and I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m welling up at the eyes just writing this down.

I was just thinking at this point, that this was a suicide mission! They haven’t changed anything, in fact, they just killed themselves. Then after the commercial break, we see Juliet is still alive after that fall and that all of the debris had just missed her. She sees the bomb and starts hitting it with a rock and after a few hard hits and emotional cries… LOST. all in white.

What is going to happen? Did it work, Did she ignite the bomb and all is well now? I know I can’t wait to find out. What is going to happen through the eyes of Jack and Kate and everyone right on top of the bomb?

This was the most fantastic episode of LOST EVER! I know that there have been many, and believe me, I will be watching them over and over from now until the start of the final season, but this episode had it all. It answered tons of questions we had, it had love and suspense and wars and death, possibly. Its not very often that I sit through a scene like the last one, crying my eyes out, and immediately want to go back for seconds. The writers of LOST really have us all tied around their fingers now. Anyone not coming back for the finale next year better be living under a rock, because that is the only excuse for not tuning in to see how this all ends.

“Live together, die alone.” Juliet.

The Incident gets 6 “I tried to tell them it was gonna blow!” out of 5.


by Angela Davis

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