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Terminator Salvation: The Future BeginsTerminator Salvation is the first in the series to dive into the battle for the future, and lucky for us it stays in that time line. This is the fourth installment of the cyborg-driven action film starring Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, American Psycho) as John Connor the prophesized-leader of the Resistance. Though it has been prophesized, doesn’t mean that everyone believes in his leadership. In fact, John is not the leader of the Resistance, and plays a role of a leader of a branch of it’s organization.

This organization has discovered a signal that should lead to the destruction of the machines and aid in the battle to take down Skynet. John is chosen to be the one to test the signal before a full on strike can be enforced. During this process, John finds out that his future father, in a younger version, Kyle Resse has been taken by the machines. As it turns out, the machines are still doing everything they can to make sure that John Connor never becomes the man his mother said he would. This information is given to him by the first humanoid Terminator, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), but can John learn to trust a terminator again at the risk of jeopardizing a plan that could take out the machines?

Sam Worthington plays the terminator with a heart (literally), with true passion and feeling that brings this man of steel to life, butterminator_salvation_1024_2 Sam isn’t the only good actor in this movie. With standouts like Common and Anton Yelchin who plays the aforementioned Kyle Reese, help make up the acting power of the Resistance. Anton seems to be stacking up the summer movies this year with his part as Chekov in the movie, “Star Trek” it seems like we will be seeing him in summer sequels to come, but enough with the supporting cast. What you really want to know is how was Christian Bale, and the fact is he was great.

Bale brings this Connor of the future to life in way that  fan boys around the world imagined he would. Bale is just the type of actor that never gives less than 100 percent and that shows in this movie. Even though this is an action movie, it is not with out it’s emotional moments and this is where Bale stands out. Not only is Bale the definitive Batman, he is now the face of the Terminator series making you wonder how this movie’s predecessors could have worked with out him.

Terminator 1 and T2 were classics and Terminator Salvation is not only on the same level but, like Batman Begins, it leaves you with the feeling that there is something even better on the horizon.

I give Terminator Salvation 5 “Huey Lewis and the News albums” out of 5.


by Ryan Davis

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