The Killers, Day & Age Concert 5.2.09 plus bonus footage from the show

dsc07650The Killers arrived in town again last night, on tour for their fourth installment, Day & Age. I arrived at Sandstone early because all of the seats were general admission. It was a cool evening and there was a general feeling of excitement buzzing around. The crowd was mostly young-hip “too cool for school” pre-pubescents. Every one over thirty looked over-the-hill. I spent my time waiting for the show to start by wondering what people were thinking when they styled their hair.

The opening band was Wild Light. A four piece band that could do it all. They all just played musical chairs, except the drummer, with their instruments through out the set, that included acoustic and electric guitar, bass and keyboard.  The songs were similar to something like The Killers’ sound, but not as fun. They had a song called “Party” that was less than party-like. They had a couple of fun songs though.

The Killers came on stage at 8:45 and the stage was beautiful. Lights from corner to corner. They had a huge backdrop of LEDs that changed color and also acted as a screen for some video. They had a row of palm dsc07673trees and flowers to feel like the desert scene they come from, Las Vegas. They also had lights  on the ceiling with crystal balls that reflected the light beautifully on one song. The baby grand piano was covered in mirrors and the drum riser was surrounded by beauty lights. The keyboards that singer, Brandon Flowers used were set on an iconic “K” that lit up and made it feel like Vegas.

The band came out all dressed in black, Brandon Flowers was wearing tight black pants, combat boots and a black shirt and vest covered by a black jacket that had admiral-like shoulders made of sparkly black feathers. The jacket came off after a couple of songs though. They opened their set with Human, the first release off of their new album.

The band was full of energy and the crowd was feeding off of it. The lights were mesmerizing and Flowers seemed to be smiling from ear to ear. The set was fantastic, playing all time favdsc07677orites like Mr. Brightside and Jenny Was a Friend of Mine. The crowd sang along loudly to almost all of the songs. They played Shadowplay, one of my favorites, a cover of Joy Division’s original. They used the lights as a part of the songs that added to the ambiance and they had extra instrument players come in for parts using saxophone, violin, piano and bongos.

The band did not speak that much between songs. Flowers gave a shout out to Vegas and announced their band name. He thanked the opening band and gave insight to a few songs before playing them. They played quite a bit from their new album, while seamlessly mixing in their older albums. They played Spaceman, from the new album, and while everyone sang along, Flowers seemed to look as if being abducted by aliens was not just a story for a song, but something he had experienced.

The set was right around two hours with the encore, but somehow felt short. While they played a ton of songs that I loved, I still had a few classics that I did not get to hear like Midnight Show or The River is Wildsc07700d. They also did a few renditions on songs like Sam’s Town and Smile Like You Mean It, making them slower versions of the original, which I appreciated but really wanted to hear the pumped up versions.

They ended their encore with Bones and When We We’re Young, going out with a blast of confetti being shot across the crowd and a rain of fire falling behind the band. The show was really magnificent, although there were some favorites I was upset got missed, I did not leave feeling cheated. Below, I have posted a few of the songs from the show for you to watch for your enjoyment.

I give the whole show 5 “Killers’ Ks” out of 5.

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by Angela Davis

photos & video by Ryan Davis

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