The Office “Company Picnic” *Spoilers*

mike-amyThe office started out this week with the crew trying to get out of work early. This is something that season 5 might have thought about doing, with 25 great episodes this season the 26th falls a little short. In episode 26 we find ourselves at the annual Dunder Mifflin “Company Picnic”, you would think a situation like that would lead to loads of laughs but, as it turns out it just seems cut short.

The short comings mostly fall in the parts of the episode with Michael (Steve Carell), with the long awaited return of Holly (Amy Ryan), Michael’s forbidden lover. I thought we would have more but, as it turns out we just get what we have established in earlier episodes, that they still have feelings for one another. They end up spending the day working out a skit that they want to perform in front of the picnic crowd, and by the way this skit is delivered we soon realize that they concentrated more on gazing into each other’s eyes than planning a good skit. About the only funny part of their whole interaction is when Michael reveals corporates intentions to close a branch, to the shock of the crowd and to David. After a panic by the crowd we see Michael and Amy part and find that Michael is willing to wait for the perfect moment to tell Holly about his lingering feelings.

Though the skit was lost on me, it gave Dwight (Rainn Wilson) the opportunity to get back at corporate for the branch closing, but not with his fist or tricks but with his newly formed all star picnic-jim-200x300volleyball team. The battle between “The Office” and Corporate was for me the best point in the show. It was a chance for revenge and a good spot for some comedy. The match seemed to be building up a sort of rivalry between Jim(John Krasinski) and Charles (Idris Elba), Charles seemed to be calling Jim out all day and thanks to Pam (Jenna Fischer) being a volleyball prodigy, Jim would finally have the chance to shut him up. As the game progresses and it seems “The Office” will finally have their moment, this moment is put on pause as Pam twists her ankle. Though Pam says she is fine and can still play, Charles, in a way to get rid of their best player, says she must go have her ankle examined before she can play again. As Pam and Jim rush through the hospital and Dwight drags the game to a halt until they return, we find out that Pam is pregnant and The Office ends in a teary happy embrace.

Though I did enjoy this moment between Jim & Pam, I felt like this episode was unneeded. I would have been left more satisfied if it had ended with Cafe Disco, not Disco Cafe that is something totally different according to Michael. The finale just felt like it wanted to force a cliff hanger and because of this it felt rushed. Company Picnic seemed more like a DVD extra than a full episode, and because of that I’m afraid I just cant give the season finale of The Office the rating I wanted to.

I give “Company Picnic” 2 “They should have gone home early” out of 5.


by Ryan Davis

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