The Office Ep. 25 “Cafe Disco” *spoilers*


It’s day two of Michael’s (Steve Carell) return and in an attempt to break the habits the former boss had created and get this group back to the non-working, fun- loving people that we have grown to love, Michael opens Cafe Disco. Cafe Disco, “is a  place where attractive and not so attractive people can meet up and dance and drink espresso.” It just so happens this hopping night spot is located in the old location of The Michael Scott Paper Company.

At first the group is afraid to go to such a hip, maybe haunted, non-work zone, but they do eventually break down and “get down.” This episode was so off the wall that it was hard to not love it. I still get a little smile on my face when I think of Michael blasting the sounds of   “everybody dance now” into the the office air ducts. The funky beats of this wonderful dance song gets Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) off her feet and into the loving arms of Dwight, when she throws her back out. I was almost in tears as Dwight (Rainn Wilson) compared Phyllis to a horse and fed her large carrots, as he tries to fix her broken back. This all lead to a bonding moment between the two where Phillis confesses to Dwight that she thinks her husband is cheating on her with his assistant.massage

Most of this episode is filled with bonding moments, so much that they should have called the episode bonding. Besides Kevin and his new girlfriend getting down to a pretty hardcore make out session in the disco, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) have to be high on the list of office members looking to bond. It turns out that they have decided to elope and just get married, they are also trying to keep this from the other people in the office. Their secret plan is almost uncovered when Dwight finds the map Jim had printed out to the court house. The questioning of Dwight is quickly forgotten as the whole office ends up dancing the day away in the disco, minus a sleeping Stanley; but I guess that brings his character back to normal. With the opportunity of an empty office, Pam and Jim sneak off to the court house, but before they can get out the door they find themselves dancing in the disco and surrounded buy the office members doing the YMCA, they soon realize they do want a wedding and just keep dancing.

This episode of The Office was just full of fun and almost shockingly funny moments. I’m really just waiting for The Odanceffice to go wrong, this show seems unstoppable. There is not one cast member that is lacking, including the newest member Ellie Kemper (Kelly). Upon her first appearance, I began to wonder if she would be able to hang with this cast, but a couple of dance moves with Michael and she has won me over; she is definitely silly enough for The Office. Between the horse treatments and dance-offs, this episode of The Office could not go wrong.

I give Cafe Disco 5 “Everybody Dance Now’s” out of 5


by Ryan Davis

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