The Office “Casual Friday” *spoilers*

the-officeIt’s Thursday and that means its time for The Office. This week The Michael Scott Paper company returns to the office they left behind and Michael (Steve Carell) finds himself waist deep in a dilemma. He must mediate a fight that is going on between his two sales teams and the winner gets the old clients that Michael stole. On one hand he has a loyalty to the people that left with him and helped him basically get his job back, and in the other is his old Dunder-Mifflin family.

At first Michael takes the loyalty route making those who betrayed him pay for their betrayal. In his first meeting back he has to deal with a lot of complaining from the old sales team. To this he replies, “If you have a problem with that you can take it to the complaint department” as he holds up a trash can.  For a while there I was liking the new Michael, he was standing up for himself and in my eyes doing the right thing. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) doesn’t see things the same way I do though and plans a secret meeting between the old Mifflin crew. The catch is to find out about this meeting they must heat up a urine-soaked piece of paper to find the location. After a lot of hinting around about how to find this secret message Dwight finds himself alone in the spot the meeting is to take place. So with a quick call to the “Nard Dog” (Ed Helms) this is all fixed and the meeting is under way.

Dwight’s ideas to fix the problem and get their old clients back range from kidnapping to a coup d’etat. The group thinks this is too harsh and goes with the ‘talk to Michael’the-office1 method. After some convincing from Jim, Michael meets with them in a fort made of paper boxes in the warehouse where he offers them their clients back. This was a departure for the new Michael and back to the same ‘old need everyone to like him’ guy. Though I did like the Michael that was throwing money in the faces of his whiney sales team when they said they would just make their own paper company, I get that “The Office” must reset for next season.

Though the main story of the episode revolved around the sales team, it was the high-jinks  of casual Friday that brought the laughs. The sight of short skirts and blurred out body parts had me rolling. Over all this was another classic office episode and a great cap to a wonderful season. There were a lot of ups and downs in this season and this episode. Well , namely just up and down movements of a short dress with a lack of underwear, but hey it’s casual Friday and at Dunder-Mifflin that means undies are optional.

I give casual Friday 5 Michael Scott box forts out of 5.


by Ryan Davis

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