Wicker Park Inn, Chicago

outside3I decided to take a well deserved and long overdue vacation to Chicago.  So I went online to find the perfect place to rest my head.  Being a 25 year old recent divorcée, I needed somewhere that was quiet but close to hot spots – somewhere that I could really treat myself for six days.  I spent a long night scouring the Internet for accommodations and one website finally caught my eye.

Wicker Park Inn is a bed and breakfast on the western edge of Chicago.  Though located just minutes from downtown, the surrounding area is quiet and offers tree-lined streets in a trendy little neighborhood.  You can enjoy a pleasant little walk to interesting places including restaurants, bars, and quaint little shops.

The inn offers a total of eight themed rooms (five guestrooms for 2-3 persons, and thrcape-wickee apartments with maximum occupancy varying from 2-6).  At $139/night, the Provence Guestroom has the lowest rate and features a bright French country feel with beautiful paintings decorating the walls.

On the higher end at $169/night, the Wicker Park Guestroom has an exposed brick wall with a wood burning fireplace, a marble shower, and a rich décor.  The rates for the five guestrooms include a breakfast consisting of fruit, pastries, coffee, and other continental style items. Every room receives satellite TV with movie channels, free WiFi, and blessedly free parking in a city where it is hard to come by.  Not to mention the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Since my stay in Chicago was going to be nearly a week long, I reserved one of WPI’s three apartments.  All of the apartments have their own kitchen, which meant I could hit the local grocer and cook my own meals instead eating out for 6 days.

Upon arrival I saw that everything stated on the website about the quiet neighborhood was correct.  For $199/night, I stayedbucktown in the most expensive apartment – the Bucktown Apartment.  It has three bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 people, a dining room that seats six with a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and an average sized bathroom with a large shower.  I had no trouble finding everything I needed in this apartment.

The TV in the dining room was nice, as was the channel selection.  The only other TV wasn’t in the queen-sized master bedroom though, which was surprising.  It was in the smaller bedroom with the full-sized bed, and the volume didn’t work especially well.  WPI offers free parking, which is wonderful, but the parking is off-street, and you can be hard pressed to get a ggarden-apt1ood spot.  It’s not bad during the day, but after about 6 or 7 pm, it really starts filling up.

I was pleased to see that the nearest “L”  Station was only two blocks away.    Once I had found a good parking spot, I was able to leave my car parked there for most of my stay and just took the train to get around.  I had read that a couple customers were awakened at night because the train was so close.  To me, it was no louder than hearing your a/c turn on.  Most the time I never noticed it.

Wicker Park Inn was a delightful addition to my wonderful time spent in Chicago.  I will definitely be staying there again, and I would recommend it to anyone.  No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, this b&b makes you feel right at home.

I give Wicker Park Inn Bed and Breakfast 4 1/2  Cloud Gates out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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