Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Mediocre

96415_transformers-revenge-of-the-fallenIf you couldn’t tell by the worn out look on Jeff and my face, The Revenge of the Fallen was just ok, and the problem with just ok is that the movie is two and a half hours long. The Fallen stars Shia LaBeouf (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) as Sam and Megan Fox (Transformers) as Mikaela. Both are once again on a journey to save humanity from evil alien robots.

Sam is off to college and trying to keep his long distance relationship with Mikaela intact. On his trip to college Sam comes in contact with a shard of the Allspark and downloads all of it’s content in his mind leaving him as a target for the Decepticons. A search for the mysteries of the Allspark and a fear of “The Fallen” leads them on an adventure that spans the globe.

For me this film has what I call “the book end effect,” its like a sandwich with rotten meat and the most delicious bread you have _layout_transformers-revenge-of-the-fallen-new-tv-spotsever had. Let me explain, the movie starts out with a bang with non-stop action and comedy. It ends in emotion and more epic action. The problem is the middle, Michael Bay asks you to have feelings for characters that he barely developed in the first go around. I’m the kind of guy that would rather have a good story than excessive explosions and CGI and I think that is what they were going for with the two hour time limit. It’s just that the story is not engaging, this is not at fault to the actors who I thought did a wonderful job in pouring their emotion onto the screen, but we just don’t care. Bay just focused too much on undeveloped characters and in the middle of the film forgot that the robots were the draw, instead of showing us old favorites, we get new ones and a look into the feelings of the humans.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie image Shia LaBeouf (4)To break it down, Transformers is just poorly executed. My only suggestion for this would be to wait and rent it so you can fast forward. I’ve sat through the long of the long when it comes to movies and loved it, I also think some movies try too hard to fit it in an hour and a half time limit, this one is just too much Bay for one sitting. As I sat, all I could think was that Bay was trying to prove that he is not just an action director. Maybe this is what we will see for a while as every director tries to prove that Christoper Noland isn’t the only one that can make an intelligent masterpiece for the masses. It doesn’t matter what I think though, publicity beats reason when it comes to huge CGI summer films.

I give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 3 Shia DWI’s out of 5


By Ryan Davis

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