(100) Days of Lloyd an Entourage Review *spoilers*

lloydSunday night was the night that one of the best shows on television had its season six debut. I know its one of the best shows on television because its on HBO.

Entourage started out as it always does on a good note and right after the wrap of a movie and this go around it’s not only Vince (Adrian Grenier) that is successful.

In this 30 minute starter episode, “Drive,” they really only set up things to come and over at Miller Gold the things to comari-goodonee are all about Lloyd(Rex Lee). Lloyd has pulled the agent ticket that Ari (Jeremy Piven) has been hanging in front of his face for all those years. The problem is in order for Lloyd to become the super agent of his dreams he has to run the Ari Gold 100 day obstacle course and on the first day Ari says “wait”. For me this is a good thing, it means more Ari episodes and I really liked that about last year. It also opens the show up for a new cast member that I have a feeling will come along to man the desk of Ari Gold by mid season. One can only hope that this does not push Lloyd into the Entourage abyss of ‘where did that character go’ in seasons to come. We can almost guarantee that for this season the Ari/Lloyd relationship will be center stage, I’m OK with that and ready for the “100 days of Llyod” to begin. So we know that its all fun and games for Ari and Lloyd but what about the guys.

entourage2Vince is back on top after wrapping the Scorsese film, Eric (Kevin Connolly) is the agent that got Vince the part in the film, Turtle(Jerry Ferrara) is dating “Meadow Soprano” and Drama (Kevin Dillon) has a TV show, everything is great, or is it. At the beginning of this episode they start hinting around at what looks to be the the main focus of the season that guys are starting their own lives. Eric is pursuing Sloan again and in order to do that he has to move into his own place but, just like Eric has always been, he is afraid to tell Vince.entourage 1 They were building this up a little last season and dropping hints that Vince may be holding Eric back from the life he could have.

Not only will Vince have to handle letting go of Eric it seems that everyone is moving on with their lives. This twist of “how will Vince react to being alone” really interests me and might lead to a little darker story that many viewers might like. I know Vince is back on top again but does that really satisfy him or does he just want to be the center of his friend’s attention?

So, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride but I have a feeling that if you are looking for a fun-filled season you might be in for a surprise.

I give “Drive” 5 “It’s lonely at the top” out of 5.


By Ryan Davis

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