Movie Review: BRÜNO ist Über Fantashtickk

bruno-wall-431With sexual acts that no one should have to see being performed in the first ten minutes, you will soon realize what a squirmish and jaw-dropping ride you are in for.

BRÜNO is the story of a fame-hungry gay Austrian fashionista with his own show in Austria, Funkyzeit, who screws up at a Milan fashion show and is blacklisted everywhere. He decides to try his luck in America at becoming a huge movie star. Through out the 82 minutes of the insanely pleasing mockumentary, you are spending much of the time, hunched over laughing and trying to catch your breath or watching through your fingers and trying to decide if you want to actually see what’s happening. I made sure to keep my eyes open, even if no man in the theater would. brunoI didn’t want to miss a joke, the only time I might have is when I laughed too loudly. I must warn parents right now, if you don’t know who Sacha Baron Cohen is, don’t let your kids under the age of 18! go see this. I’m a big fan of the MPAA loosening their ratings and allowing a lot more adult humor in movies now and giving BRÜNO an R rating, but I can’t stand when the talk about a movie afterward is some parent mad at the world that some movie company would have the nerve to show their child something like this movie has to offer. They didn’t make the movie for your child, ok, I’ll step down from the soap box and get back to BRÜNO.

5633_D012_00143R.JPG_cmykFrom the opening credits showing the logo as Üniversal, people were laughing. From EXTREME male frontal nudity to different shades of dildos to making fun of autism he leaves nothing out. No one is exempt from his obvious satire on the world’s obsession with fame and beauty, aka Hollywood. This movie might do for self reflection, what Michael Moore’s Sicko did for the health care reform.

Although BRÜNO was a bit more scripted than his last film, Borat, it had a more engaging storyline and came full circle in the end thereby becoming a love story. The story had a lot of heart, and a lot of dildos, but mainly a lot of heart.

sacha-baron-cohen-as-bruno-de-2179964Some of the most offensive things in this film do not come from BRÜNO at all. Sure, he has a lot of jokes poking fun at society or certain actors, but it is who he encounters that seem to dig their own graves with comments that make you want to reach out and slap this person. An ex-gay priest of sorts telling BRÜNO how women are annoying and never shut up, but we need them. Or parents selling their souls and their child’s bodies for a chance at fame. It is truly shocking to see how people can really be.

A couple of negatives about this film: it felt like he was 100% Austrian in the beginning of the movie, but by the end, there were moments, JUST moments, where I thought Ali G or Borat were peeking through. If Cohen has Dissociative Identity Disorder, he’s doing it right, and at least getting paid for all of his alters.bruno2 I have read details on what it took for him to shoot this movie and he did succumb to many ailments and colds along the way from all of the travel and out running angry mobs.  Another negative for the film was that I wanted extended scenes of the after effects of his stunts. More chasing him down the street, while the Israeli nation attempts to stone him to death. More of Ron Paul storming off from the outrage. But again, I have learned that there were many close moments of arrest and sometimes they had to stop shooting for fear of their lives. The terrorist (as labeled in the film) actually pulled a gun on BRÜNO and crew.

BRÜNO is not a follow up to Borat. It is barely the same guy. Go in expecting to laugh, and you won’t be disappointed. Some would say this is better than Borat, some would disagree. Go see this film and laugh and gawk and gasp at the insanity of it and leave it at that. It was a great comedy and I would watch it again. I am really hoping that the DVD has a lot of extra footage that couldn’t be used in the film, because I want more “Funkyzeit”.

I give BRÜNO 4 ‘How many personalities does this guy have’ out of 5.

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by Angela Davis

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