“Entourage” is Amongst Friends

entourage_6-2For six long seasons, I have waited and waited for the whole gang to walk the red carpet at the Chinese theater and for it to really mean something. That finally happens here, for Vinny’s premiere of his new Scorsese film. This anticipation is building from the start from E moving into his new pad and Sloan stopping by and the introduction of Ashley, the new neighbor girl crushing on E, (and more in his height range.)

Ari is pumped at the office for the premiere as well, passing out tickets left and right, although, he does have to deal with his new protege, Andrew. Ari put his job on the line for Andrew to merge with the company and now, it appears that he is throwing it all away for a twenty year old, oh excuse me, she’s twenty-six.

I had the feeling, from the opening episode, that this season would start off happy and quickly decline into a slump of “hoping to make it again,” but so far, it’s still all smiles. Turtle is still with “Meadow Soprano” and totally in love. She is proudly showing him off on the red carpet and it just gave entourahe602tvs425me butterflies in my stomach to see them together. FYI- they are really dating in real life.

Vinny doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of loneliness yet, although, it has only been one episode and this time, they were all together for the premiere, so that will probably be an issue in later episodes. Drama is still just Drama, making the outrageous comments and getting on everyone’s nerves, but he still scores a date for the premiere.

The most interesting plot in this for me, was the Eric and Sloan and Ashley triangle that seems to be brewing. E wants Sloan back, but she’s not ready, and Ashley obviously wants E, but he’s too star-struck by Sloan being around. The movie premiere brings them all together when E brings Sloan as a “friend” and Ashley got an extra ticket from someone. Ashley makes an attempt to talk to E and having Sloan around, he blows her off. But after looking for Sloan at the party all night, he decides to spill his true feelings, only to be rejected by Sloan. So when the night is coming to a close, Ashley calls E to smooth things over and miraculously he gets up the nerve to give her a chance and go see her. At that same moment, he gets a text from Sloan that simply says, “Sorry.” Much to my surprise, he deletes this text and continues on his journey to see Ashley. I am so proud of little E for finally realizing that maybe he and Sloan are not meant to be.

I give this episode 5 “pounds lost for Lloyd” out of 5


by Angela Davis

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