Entourage- Let’s Meet the Crew

TurtleI have to admit at the start of of this season I thought it was going to be all about how Vince (Arian Grenier) was losing his best friends but, as it turns out I was wrong. The show seems to be taking a new direction and delving more into the lives of the Entourage than ever before. In this episode One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car we follow Turtle on his birthday as he tries to decide what he needs to do to become his own man. Though it was Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) birthday, Eric (Kevin Connolly) needed to look deeper into his own manhood and find a way to tell Charlie(Bow Wow) that he was kicked off his own show.

The funny thing about both of these characters’ manhood is that it lied in another man, no no no I’m not making any Bow-Wowreference to their sexuality, but more to their new father figure Ari (Jeremy Piven). Ari raised Vince to super stardom and now its time for him to guide the others to the promise land. If you remember this was not the first Ari-Turtle meeting, and last time it didn’t turn out so well for Turtle. This time Ari seemed to take Turtle under his wing and give him a much needed shove, he also did something I would have never of thought to hear come spewing out of his mouth and told E he was proud of him. It seems the two are getting along for now and I must admit it put a smile on my face to hear Ari finally give E a kind blessing.

kevin-connolly-kevin-dillon-adrian-grenier-jerry-ferrara-6-3-69-claudette-barius-520x345There are a lot of things that have hit me by surprise this season, after the first episode, I was expecting a gloomy Vince soon on the way, and I never thought that they would change the show in the direction that it seems to be going. Like E and Turtle, it seems that the writers want to make their own way too and show that a Hollywood super-star isn’t the only thing interesting about the show. It really seems we have come full circle and I can’t wait to see the other characters I have grown to love start taking care of themselves and finally live their own dreams.

I give One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car 4 “fired uncle’s” out of 5


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