Movie Review: I Love Summer!!!!!!


(500) Days of Summer could easily be my favorite film of the year. The reason I say that, is not since High Fidelity have I felt so connected to a movie about a relationship, I almost said love there and as we all know from the tag line this is not a love story.
(500) Days of Summer is the story of the relationship of Tom and Summer through a beautiful narration followed by a unique chronological order we get a glimpse into their lives. Tom first meets Summer as she is introduced as the secretary at his job. Tom works as a greeting card writer but has a degree in architecture, needless to say he is under achieving a little. After another meeting with Summer in the elevator, the lyrics of one of Tom’s favorite songs spill out of Summer’s lips and it is love, well at least for Tom, the problem is Summer does not believe in love. This is our conflict, how will a child of divorce and a boy pushed by the love songs of his youth finally come together?
This switch of roles and telling the love story from a male prospective is what makes this, along with it’s visuals, so unique. When thesummer story is the driving force in a movie, it makes all other aspects fall in line so easily. The story is really top notch with witty banter and a different perspective, for instance instead of the best friend that always helps the struggling lover with his issues we have a darling little sister.
Rachael, the wise little sister played by Chloe Moretz, is Tom’s window into the mind of a woman and the only person to help him when he gets torn apart. Chloe, with only a few scenes in the film, becomes a real stand out as she brings Tom back to reality and away from the world that Summer has placed him in. This world is shown to the viewer through the use of vibrant colors and when Tom is not in this world, the color seems to fade.
3099641Little details such as a light color fade and a note of warning about paper cuts before Tom first kisses Summer add real life to the film. The feeling the visuals bring to the film only brings you deeper into Tom’s world and help explain what he is feeling. Even short films placed through out the 95 minutes add a bit of comedy and depth to the movie but it’s not just the visuals and the supporting cast that make this movie, it’s the lead actors.2009_500_days_of_summer_002
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have an undeniable connection that brings the over all feeling of the movie to a peak. Levitt not only is Tom, he makes you feel like you could have a little Tom in you as well.
That is what (500) Days of Summer really is, a feeling and a good one at that. It will make you laugh it will make you cry but one thing is true, you will be walking to your car thinking how much you love Summer.

I give (500) Days of Summer 5 “Expectations vs Reality” out of 5


By Ryan Davis

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