Movie Review: I Mildly Like You Beth Cooper

i_love_you_beth_cooper02“I Love You Beth Cooper” may not be original in any way but, what it lacks in originality, it makes up in heart.

The story of Cooper is simple, Denis Cooverman (Paul Rust) is the smartest kid in his school and during his valedictorian speech he decides that he will let everyone know what he thinks of them. The main focus of this honest view of his peers is Beth Cooper (Hayden Panettiere). As Denis proclaims his love for his dream girl, her older coke-head muscle-bound boy friend is having thoughts of homicide. As a joke shared between her and her friends, they decide to visit Denis and his best friend, Rich Munsch (Jack Carpenter) just to watch them squirm. This little joke leads Beth’s boyfriend to Denis and sets the group off on the adventure of their high school lives.

The savior of this film is Jack Carpenter (Sydney White) and his portrayal of the sexually confused Rich Munsch. Maybe it’s becausei_love_you_beth_cooper04 I love movies so much but Rich is a huge movie geek and throws movie quotes out through out the entire run of the film. These throw backs to much better films gives “Cooper” the feel of the teen dramas of the 80’s rather than the fart joke teen movies that are the draw of the tweens now a days.

Jack is joined by our favorite little cheerleader Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), though she is not trying to “save the world” in this go around, she still creates a character that was interesting to watch. Beth Cooper isn’t your normal daddy’s girl goody-goody cheer leader and in a Breakfast Club-esk kind of way, we find out that she also has issues.

cooper 2The issues are about the only thing that makes this movie worth seeing and gives it real heart. The only problem with this is that the main character really doesn’t have any deeper issues like his friends have and it really makes him unmemorable. This is not a good thing because Denis is the leading role and you don’t really have any feelings for him. This may be because this story of geek likes the hot girl, hot girl talks to geek, hot girl likes geek has just been run into the ground and without anything extra from our main character you find yourself just wanting to follow the story of his side kick.

Though it has problems, I think “I Love You Beth Cooper” will provide a movie for the teens to see this weekend in place of the more adult Bruno.

I give “I Love You Beth Cooper” 2 1/2 screaming raccoons out of 5

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By Ryan Davis

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