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district9-poster1Welcome to the first edition of Lost in Previews where we take a look at trailers for upcoming films.
First up is the trailer for the Neil Blomkamp directed District 9.

Neil’s name first hit my radar back in 2007 when it was announced that he would be directing the big screen adaptation of the video game Halo to be produced by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. Plans for that film fizzled shortly after due to mounting budget concerns. I was a little let down as several of Blomkamp’s short films held quite a bit of promise of what this director was capable of. One in particular that got my attention was a short titled Alive in Joberg

Watching the trailer for District 9 and the short Alive in Joberg they look very similar spiritually. I personally can’t wait to see it based on this fact. Thanks to its August 14 release date I have a feeling this could very well be the late summer sleeper hit of 2009. For more info on District 9 there is a pretty large viral/Alternate reality game behind it.? D-9, ?Multi-National United MNU Spreads Lies , Maths From Outer Space, &  MNU Alert

Next up in the trailer park is a look at the new film from the Academy Award winning screen writer of Juno Diablo Cody with the Megan Fox (Transformers) starring role in Jennifer’s Body
Click here for the red band trailer for the 17 and older set

Jennifer’s Body is directed by Karyn Kusama who has directed the critically acclaimed Girlfight and the widely paned Æon Flux. The trailer certainly seems to be keeping with Cody’s witty writing from Juno and her Showtime series United States of Tara, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t.  It looks better than some of the other horror stuff we usually have around its September 18 release date so I will probably see it. It could see some tough competition from Zombieland in early October.

Coming to the exit of Lost In Previews is the Steven Soderbergh directed Matt Damon starring film The Informant!TheInformant2009MP

I am a fan of most every thing that Soderbergh has done. That includes his art house/indie work that he does between his bigger studio films like this. Add this to one I am really looking forward to as I like the comedic tones for a style of film that typically takes its self to seriously.

Let us  know your thoughts on this weeks crop of trailers  below.

By John Coovert

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