True Blood Episode 2.05 “Never Let Me Go”

true-blood-character-poster2So this week’s episode opens at Sookie’s house.  Tara’s birthday party is still goin’ strong thanks to Maryann, and Daphne decides to take Sam out into the woods.  She had just told him that she knew what he was, so he was completely flabbergasted when she begins taking her clothes off in the woods before turning into a deer.  Apparently she is a shifter too, but whether she has always been one or she was given this ability in connection to the disgustingly huge scars on her back is yet to be told.

In Dallas, Sookie catches up to the bellhop and tries to talk to them about their telepathy.  He is completely uninterested in talking to Sookie, and it’s obvious he is afraid that his telepathy will make him a much bigger target for vampires.  Back in the room, Jessica gets in trouble with Bill for ordering the fangbanger off the menu and is sent to her room.  Jessica decides to give Hoyt a call, and they both express how head-over-heels they are for each other.  Feels like high school all over again with these two.  They watch TV together long distance and he tells her all about his comic book he’s reading.  Aww.  How romantic… ?  Maybe not, but she digs it.

Lafayette shows up and interrupts at Merlotte’s to see if he can have his job back.  Sam tries to give him a hard time about being gone so long, but Lafayette won’t bite.  Usually Lafayette would give some attitude and tell Sam to stick it where the sun don’t shine, but I guess running and hiding from vampires that tortured and almost killed you can really take the fire right out from under you.  Sam doesn’t push it though, he’s desperate to have him back.

The morning after her party, Tara wakes up next to Eggs.  She tells him a little about how happy Gran and Sookie had made her when she was a kid, and he promises to make her happy for a long time.  She heads downstairs to find that Maryann is still hanging around the house.  Maryann explains that they need a place to live, and want to crash at Sookie’s.  Horrified, Tara tells her no.  Maryann acts pouty, but agrees to find somewhere else to go.

sookie-undresses-billAt the L.O.D.I Jason jolted out of bed by a drill sergeant named Gabe, and he is shoved outside to line up with the other Soldiers of the Sun trainees.  Their day consists of calisthenics training; push ups, running, jumping jacks, and Jason really excels.

Back at Hotel Carmilla, Sookie goes looking for Barry the bellhop again.  He sticks to his guns about not wanting anyone to know his secret, even her.  She says it’s a gift, and that she can teach him how to use it, but he says it’s a curse and runs off like a little girl.  Seriously, how could a power like that be a curse??  There could be hella money in having a gift like that. Hello.

Maryann is not happy that Tara won’t let them stay at Sookie’s, so she decides to help her change her mind.  From out in the parking lot, Maryann influences all the Merlotte employees to become agitated, angry, and even rude to Tara.  Now she’s a tough cookie, but it was too much for her to handle. Maryann takes off as Tara begins to break down.  By the time Tara gets home, Maryann has already changed her approach. Instead of lush exotic fruit and such laying around, there are regular groceries in the fridge.  Maryann is even dressed differently, in fact, she looks like Gran, wearing a matronly dress with an apron over it.  She’s hit a home-run between the influencing and the wardrobe change, because Tara is ecstatic to have Maryann there and promises to talk to Sookie about them all staying there with them.

After Merlotte’s closes, Sam and Daphne hook up on the pool table. I think she is into it for alternate reasons, but poor Sam is just lonely and glad to have someone he can really relate too.  There is a poor attempt made at a joke here consisting of ‘nice rack’ and ‘nice balls’.  I know it was supposed to be campy and cute, but dear God, really? Hardy har har.steve-newlin-holds-his-gun

Jason’s training for the day is over, and he comes back inside the Newlin’s home just in time to witness a little spat between them. Seems like there’s trouble in paradise.  Steve takes him downstairs to see a homemade armory, complete with RPG’s, silver bullets filled with Holy Water, and even mentions having a guillotine on order.  Jason’s pumped, but I’m a little worried.  Having this much firepower and hate is really going to piss off all the Dallas vamps who are looking for Godric.  Jason heads upstairs for a bath, and is joined by Sarah, who locks the door behind her.  She makes references about how Mary Magdalene washed Jesus’ feet while she is scrubbing him down. Kind of a disgusting comparison.  She wants to get frisky, but Jason is resistant — so she puts it a different way.  She calls herself God’s reward for him since he has been through so much and done so well. Jason gives in to her, but is still conflicted about it.

Sookie and the vampires sit down for a pow-wow about Godric.  The meeting includes Bill, Sookie, Eric, and Godric’s BFFs, Isabella and Stan.  All they do for quite a while is bicker and act snobby.  It continued for so long, I thought I was going to rip my eyes out. Finally, finally, finally — thanks to Sookie — they decide to send Sookie as a spy into the Church of the Fellowship of the Sun, hoping to gain info on Godric’s whereabouts.  Of course, Bill hates this plan and Sookie loves it. Bill pulls Eric aside and asks him why he cares so much what happens to Godric, and we have come to the best part of the entire episode. We are shown a flashback of a mortal Eric, wounded by a glorious viking battle.  His men make camp, but are attacked that night by a tiny vampire, Godric.  He is young, barely a teen, dark, and covered in tribal tattoos.  Godric was impressed with Eric’s fighting skills on the battlefield, and wants to not only offer him his blood, but offer him a chance to become his companion.  AWESOME!

Bill takes Sookie back up to their hotel room and they get ready for bed.  While things start heating up in the bedroom, they are getting creepy out in the hallway, where a beautiful vampire has paused outside their door to listen in on the action.  This vamp has an uncanny resemblance to Bill’s bitchy and super shady maker, Lorena.

Never Let Me Go was kind of a let down.  The Sookie/Godric story is dragging a lot and so is the Daphne/Sam story.  The Maryann thing was a little more interesting this week, but it still didn’t do much for me.  The best parts of this show was the Sarah and Jason incident (just because it made my skin crawl), and the flashback of Eric the Viking and Godric.  Come on True Blood, shock me!!  Still love this show, but they really need to get the ball rolling.

I give Never Let Me Go 3 ‘Give me more vikings!’out of 5


by Rachael Edwards


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