Recruiting all Basterds *CLOSED*

Inglourious_Basterds_IB_BP_Bas_LR(2)Lost In Reviews is looking for some superior Nazi killers. These talented folk will receive free propaganda posters to promote the Basterd movement. Hang them in your homes and let everyone know, you have what it takes to be a Basterd.

In order to for us to pick out these few special folks, we need you to watch this clip and fill out the form below telling us what skills you have that would qualify you to be one of the Basterds.

No scalping necessary, by scalping, we mean purchase. Recruitment ends August 16th. Winners will have posters mailed to their home.


Check out our Basterd Qualifications

I am a MOM of 2 kids that are involved in at least 3 extracurricular activities each, in additional to their sports, clubs, etc. involvement at school.  Not only do I have the crazy, speeding driving skills required for combat and retrievement, but I also have the gut to handle anyone or anything that poses a threat to my children in any way!  Have you seen a Mom whose children have been scorned, mistreated, bullied, or wronged by middle school or high school girls or whose kids did not have the advantage or fair ruling/game on a soccer field?  Need I say more?  MOMS could easily unite and take out those NAZI’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Ashleigh Gaunt

Okay, here goes.  It’s not the goriest of ideas but I’m sure it’s the most original.  Gather up Nazi’s and have them participate in a reality show – they have to take the “Nanny 911” job (some of those kids could try the patience of a saint).  But here’s a twist … the narrator of the Nanny series would be … MR. MEL GIBSON!-Sandy Barber

Able to shoot the eyes out of a Nazi from 100 yds;
Expert in torture techniques;
The saying Hang em’ high was created after one of my invasions.-Lisa Simon

i am a Jew! i hate Nazi! I am a smart and brave Jew. Killing Nazi is my favorite sport.- Eddy Luck

As a blonde hair and blue eyed person, I have the ability to think like the Germans, and therefore have a leg up on killing the Nazis.  I know all of their moves before they even take action, which means I can plan ahead and attack before they get their chance.
I am also good with nunchucks.- Jeff Marsh

I am brave, insane and blood-loving. I would join the bastards in order to kill Nazis but most importantly, chop their heads off for my personal collection and hang them on the walls of my house or even, my first Nazi killing museum in the near future. Therefore, I hope I would be chosen to be one of the “Inglorious Bastards”, thanks!- Johnny Chan

My qualifications to join the basterds is I am able to create outstanding  traps to catch, torture or kill my prey.- Rudy Garcia

Nazi killin’ Reservoir Dogs style! Tie ’em up, torture ’em like nothin’ else.. ears gettin’ cut off, gasoline poured.. LIGHT ‘EM UP! It’s a Nazi-Fry! – Jon Daily

I am a former IDF soldier (Israeli Defense Forces). I’m an expert in my field. I consult with both the Overland Park Police and Johnson County Sheriff. My friends are gratified that I use my resources for right and the American way. –  Rober Sokol

send all nazis to iraq to do the fighting  and bring our boys home –  Sharon Harp

I have one exceptional talent for ridding the world of nazis.  I bore them to death.  See, nazis are very civilized people and they love to capture, interrogate, and execute freedom loving Americans such as my self.  During the interrogation process I tell them a very lengthy diatribe about how my life was supposed to have played out, but how it hadn’t and then as one might expect I end up in this situation, but I can’t mention the story here for fear that it’s effect on you may be similar to that of the nazi officers that listen to it, and then what would you do, or for that matter then, what would I do if you happened to be listening to me and then all of a sudden your eyes rolled back in your head, your head cocked sideways and then your body stopped working and you just fell either to the left or to the right or perhaps backward, I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable revealing the exact proccess or the entire story of my life just to win a poster that identifies me as a Basterd, but take my word for it, I will bore them to death.  You can count on me.  I’m boring. – David Knudson

I would say that my number one skill would be looking innocent but being really bad ass. I would lure the Nazi in and  capture  them for information.  If you chose me i will be a great team member and a proud basterd. – Jennifer Schermbeck

I’m totally up for Nazi killin… but being a female, I may have to use my wiles to do so. I would use what God gave me to insert myself into the fray and get close to those that need to be dealt with and then poison them by means that would seem to most unnoticeable but would definitely kill them. To the basterds go the glory!!! – Ruth Ann Swartz

Know many Holocaust survivors and their families –  Laurie Weintrub

My skills with my M-1 Grand –  Hal Weintrub

well seeing as i have played every WWII game known to mankind.. and killed millions of NAZI!! bastards.. and then having seen every war movie dealing with them pricks a thousand times each.. i’d say my skills are qualifies.. or if you’d like to also know. i’m an avid hunter.. and am good in a variety of weapons.. long range rifle.. sniper.. expertise. short range shot gunin.. my favorite.. plaster their blood to the f***in walls!! handy with a pistol. and will if needed or un needed. pull out the 10 ” buck knife.. no explanation needed. i’d say i’m good to go, ready to kill, and yearning to get my hands on some NAZI SCALPS!! – Luke Wyatt

I was a meat cutter for 40 years and carried a variety of knives in my scabbard at work. I can use every one of them. Was in the Air Force and have a son who is a career Marine. Better not come across any Nazis……better not! – Charles Metzger

All of the entries were so creative and we want to congratulate our winners!

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