True Blood Ep. 2.06 “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

hbowebsiteTrue Blood is coming back around!  We are finally getting somewhere with all the different story lines.  Hard-Hearted Hannah is jam-packed with action and revelations!

Eric is in the lobby of Hotel Carmilla and is met by the vampire Lorena, who is Bill’s maker.  Eric explains that he needs her to take Bill back, or at least distract him, because he has something that Eric wants: Sookie. She is more than happy to help out, since she and Bill have quite a past.  We see a flashback of 1920’s Chicago where Bill and Lorena entertain a small party full of socialites.  We get to see Bill sing and play a very fitting rendition of “Hard-Hearted Hannah” (click here for lyrics).  I didn’t check to see if Stephen Moyer actually sung it, but if he did, kudos! Anyway, they seduce a young couple into staying after the party to have a good time, and the couple is definitely interested.

Back at Hotel Carmilla, Bill and Sookie here a knock on their door.  Isabella is there with her signiftruebloodblog_lorena-bill-1926icant other — and human — Hugo.  She explains that he has volunteered to go with Sookie to infiltrate the Church of the Fellowship of the Sun in search of information on Godric.  She says that since she too loves a human, she sympathizes with Bill, and wants to help keep Sookie safe.  Bill and Sookie both agree that’s a good idea.

Sam and Daphne are naked on the pool table where we left them last week, and finally Sam asks her about the scratches on her back.  She says something  jumped her in the forest and scratched her, then she was sick for over a week.  He seems satisfied with that.  Then she asks if he has told anyone what he is, and says, “you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you are.”

Back at Sookie’s house, Maryann is in a terrible mood because the water heater is on the fritz.  Tara finally finds the part they need to fix it, but she will have to drive over 2 hours away to pick it up.  She talks Maryann into letting Eggs go with her as a navigator, but really she just wants to save him from Maryann and her mood.  They hop in her Jag and take off.

sam-trammell-ashley-jones-217-john-p-johnsonAt the Light of Day Institute, Luke and Jason are asked to leave their training for a day to build a platform for a “Meet the Sun” ceremony, which Luke explains is when they stake a vampire just before dawn and watch as the sun comes up and incinerates the body.  Thankful that he hasn’t been caught for the adultery between he and Sarah, Jason gladly gets to work.

Sookie and Hugo are preparing to go to the church, they talk about what it’s like dating vampires.  They have much in common, and Sookie is glad to hear that.  But then Hugo talks about how he and Lorena fight because he wants her to turn him into a vampire so he can be young with her forever, and she doesn’t want to do it.  Sookie is shocked by this and apparently has never given the idea any thought.  Wouldn’t that be one of the first things you would think about when something became serious between you and a vamp??

Back at Merlotte’s, everyone is getting ready for the evening shift to begin.  Andy shows up and rushes into the kitchen to find Lafayette.  He starts grilling him about where he was for those 3 weeks he was missing, and Lafayette becomes scared andjason cowers in a corner, envisioning Eric as the one yelling at him.  Terry realizes that Lafayette has PTSD like him, forces Andy to leave since he’s not a cop anymore, and helps Lafayette calm down.  In the dining room, a furious Hoyte confronts his mother about disconnecting his cell phone.  She says she did it because she won’t have him dating a girl that calls late at night.  In his rage, he tells her not only to stay out of his business, but that Jessica has to call late because she is a vampire.

As Eggs and Tara make their way to pick up the part, Eggs makes Tara pull over.  He starts walking through the woods, claiming to have never been there before, but that something is drawing him in.  They end up at what appears to be a campsite, but looks more like a murder scene.  There are torn up clothes and old dried blood everywhere, and one particular blood covered rock stands out to him, and he doesn’t know why.  Tara tries to comfort him, but is very freaked out as she leads him back to the car.

Jason and Luke seem to have buried the hatchet for now, and as they are making progress on the platform, they begin talking about the sin of sex before marriage.  Luke can see that Jason is struggling with something related to their conversation, but doesn’t realize Jason is worried about the infidelity between him and Sarah, so Luke suggests using celibacy and repentance as a cure to his troubles.  As they get back to work, Hugo and Sookie unknowingly drive right past them.  They are greeted by Sarah, and are taken inside for a tour of the church with Steve.  Sookie and Hugo’s story is that they are looking for a non-sympathizing church to be married in.  At first it seems to be working, but as their tour is coming to a close, she starts reading hateful thoughts from Steve and panicked thoughts from Sarah.  Steve wants to show them the basement, where his grandfather’s tomb is.  True-BloodDotNet_Season2_048When Sookie insists she doesn’t want to go down there, she hears the couple’s thoughts, and realizes that they know who she and Hugo are and why they are there.  Steve brings out Gabe (the drill sergeant) and they both drag Sookie and Hugo down into the basement, with a mortified Sarah looking on.

We are shown the rest of the 1920’s flashback, and Bill and Lorena have begun to feed on and terrorize the couple from the party.  They kill the man first, then seriously wound the woman, and have sex on the bed while the woman gurgles her last breaths next to them.  Bill gives her the woman’s necklace as a gift, and we are brought out of the flashback to see that she is still wearing it.  Bill is awoken by Sookie’s screams from being dragged down to the church basement.  Before he can get up, Lorena is on top of him, holding him down.  Being his maker, she has power over him, and she uses this to stop him from saving Sookie and kisses him.

Lafayette is stocking the shelves at Merlotte’s and is surprised again, only this time it’s Pam, Eric’s minion.  She says that Eric wants him to start selling V again.  This baffles the petrifies Lafayette, since they tortured himtruebloodblog_pam-lafyaette for 3 weeks for selling it, but he realizes he doesn’t have a choice, and takes the bottle of blood Pam holds out to him.

Andy is driving down the road and sees a pig and a dog run past his car and into the woods.  He jumps out to give chase after recognizing that it’s the same pig he saw at Maryann’s, but he falls behind.  When they shift back, Sam mentions that he was surprised not only that she shifted into a pig, but that Andy seemed to recognize her.  She shrugs both inquiries off.

Eggs and Tara make it back to Sookie’s house, to find the place a mess.  There is evidence of yet another party having been held there, and as they are picking up, they notice a trail of clothes leading out to the back yard.  They find that everyone from the party is out there, naked and writhing in a huge orgy around a bonfire and surrounded by men playing drum music.  They see Maryann vibrating and dancing while a robed man tends to ceremonial objects, one being a bull-head mask.

At Hotel Carmilla, Hoyte surprises Jessica by showing up at her door with flowers and an apology about his mother turning off his phone.  Overjoyed, she grabs him and yanks him inside.

Jason goes looking for the Newlins, and comes across a crying Sarah in the church’s balcony.  She tells him that Steve anna-camp-ryan-kwanten-218-john-p-johnson-520x346isn’t the man she thought he was, that he does awful sinister things.  She also says that they are not being trained to defend the church, but to start a war.  Sarah tries to kiss him, but Jason refuses, saying that what they did the other night wasn’t right.  She goes on to say that she has always known that she was meant to be with a great man, and that Steve isn’t that man, but Jason is.  This time when she reaches for his belt, he doesn’t refuse.

Sam and Daphne are still walking through the woods when they hear drum music.  When Daphne wants to take him there, he is warry, saying that drum music is only for cults or hippies.  Suddenly, two black-eyed people jump out and grab Sam and drag him toward the music.  Daphne has knowingly brought Sam right to Maryann.  Sam sees everyone in town participating in the orgy with blacked out eyes — even Tara and Eggs — and lets out a scream as Mike Spencer puts the bull-head on Maryann and brings out a long ceremonial dagger.

Well, this episode really has me excited again about the direction of the series.  A lot was given to us, but there were a few surprises thrown in.  For example, maybe Eggs isn’t as “in” on the whole Maryann thing as I suspected.  He may just be another victim.  But there is still some special reason why Maryann chose the two of them to be her personal pets.  Also, I am totally excited to see that Eric has brought Lorena to Dallas so he can have a stab at Sookie.  I can’t wait to see how far this love triangle will go this season!  I think there will be a big difference in Bill’s Sookie versus Eric’s Sookie.  She needs a little toughening up!  Lafayette may be back, but he sure isn’t himself yet.  Looking forward to next week’s episode 7, “Release Me.”

I give Hard-Hearted Hannah 5AIDS Burgers” out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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