True Blood Episode 2.04 “Shake and Fingerpop” *spoilers*

Season-2-Posters-true-blood-6238366-270-400Hey all you Trubies out there, I still can’t believe HBO made us wait 2 weeks for this episode.  It really burns me when shows do that, but hey, it’s True Blood, I can’t stay mad at it.  This week’s episode gave us a couple of expected answers, but was mostly a building block for the rest of the season.

This episode starts with Jason walking into his dark dorm room to see the bodies of his fellow recruits strewn around the place dead and covered in blood.  A shadowy figure attacks him from behind and shoves him to the ground.  The lights come on, and it’s just Luke playing a practical joke.  All the recruits start laughing, but an enrages Jason punches the Lukinator in the nose.  He yells, “Vampires are not a joke!”

Back in Bon Temps, Bill throws Hoyt out of his house.  Bill tells him that he’s doing this to protect him from Jessica, but Hoyt tells Jessica he doesn’t believe him for a second.  After this incident, Bill and Sookie agree that they should take Jessica with them to Dallas, so he can continue teaching her how to walk the line between vampires and humans.

Sam and Daphne are still swimming in the pond, and Sam expresses how much he loves Bon Temps, but that he is considering leaving.  As they are getting out to grab some pancakes, Sam sees the gruesome scars on her back.

Tara tells Maryann that she has decided to move in with Sookie.  Maryann does a good job trying to keep it together and act cool.  Tara thanks her for her hospitality, and Maryann replies, “I know you’d do the same for me.”

Back at the leadership camp, Luke, Jason, and a few other campers are discussing the origins of vampires in reference to the Mark of Cain and whether or not Lazarus was a vampire.  To the other campers’ horror, Jason says that he thinks maybe Jesus was a vampire because he “told people, ‘Hey y’all, drink my blood!'”  Just then Jason gets called to go meet with Steve Newlin, so as he’s getting up, the Lukester  says “God will make sure evil gets punished,” to which Jason replies, “Yeah?  Then explain Europe to me.”  As he walks off with a swagger in his step, I can’t help but love every second of Jason’s adorable stupidity.  Jason meets up with Steve Newlin, and the twosome go out shooting paintball guns at vampire targets.  Steve is awed and a little jealous to learn that Jason has seen a vampire explode upon being staked.

At the morgue, Bud and Kenya are discussing the death of Miss Jeanette.  They see that not only was her heart ripped out, but that she has the all-too-familiar gashes on her back.  Andy stumbles in drunk and asks Kenya about the pig Tara saw that she claimes to have caused her wreck.  Bud reprimands Andy for drinking on the job, and when Andy pushes it, Bud relieves him of his badge.

True_Blood_New_Season_2_Photos_Maryann2Meanwhile, Maryann and Eggs surprise Tara by showing up at Sookie’s door with plans for a big birthday party for her.  All the towns folk show up and everyone starts getting their groove on thanks to Maryann’s weird voodoo.  She throws out the gift Tara’s mom had Sam bring for her, then saunters out into the woods for some good ol’ chanting and uber-vibrations.  The party gets way out of control, like usual, but this time it takes a more violent turn.  People are copulating, fighting, and smearing food on their faces.  Really creepy stuff.  Sam and Daphne get closer at the party, and Sam is shocked that Daphne knows his little shape-shifting secret.  Eggs takes Tara upstairs, and the scene flashes back and forth between Maryann chanting and and the two of them entwined around each other in a sweaty trance.  Why does Rosemary’s Baby come to mind?  Maryann raises her hands to the sky and we see that they have transformed into the minotaur claws.  Big suprise.

Sookie, Bill, and Jessica arrive in Dallas by private plane, and their awaiting driver tries to abduct Sookie before the other two have a chance to get out of their coffins.  Thanks to her telepathy and Bill’s reflexes, the driver’s plans are foiled, and they take him to the hotel with them.  While Sookie checks in, Bill teaches Jessica to use her glamour on the driver.  They find out he was hired by the Fellowship of the Sun to abduct Sookie and take her to their headquarters.  Somehow they knew that a human would be coming to help the vampires with their investigation of Godric, the missing vampire sheriff.

Jason has dinner with the Newlins again, and they inform him that they want him to join 14 other campers in an elite True_Blood_New_Season_2_Photos_Jason_and_Sarahgroup they are putting together called Soldiers of the Sun.  They tell him they want him to move into their house during the training.  Jason heads back, starts packing, and informs the other guys of the dinner conversation.  They accuse him of sleeping with Sarah, and use that as the reason why he gets to move into the Newlins house.  This really chaps his ass, but he knows there is some serious sexual tension lingering between them.  At dinner he envisioned Sarah dancing like a stripper, then later she was rubbing all over him while helping him put on a rib bib.   Jason gets his things and heads back to their house.  While unpacking, Sarah comes into his room wearing a nightgown and tells him how special he is before she turns in for the night.  Uh-huh.

Now for my favorite part of this episode; Eric pays Lafayette a visit.  He offers Lafayette his 1000-year-old blood to help him heal up from the imprisonment fiasco.  Lafayette is wary of Eric’s intentions, so Eric explains that he knows Sookie cares for him, and anything that is important to Sookie, Eric finds curious, thus True_Blood_New_Season_2_Photos_Eric2making Eric want to keep Lafayette alive.  Hhmmm.  I wonder if a love triangle will happen at the end of this season, or the beginning of season 3?  Lafayette lets him in and drinks greedily from his wrist, until he is so hopped up on V that he starts dancing and humping everything in the living room; his festering leg, wounds, and illness all cured.  I am so glad to have the old Lafayette back!  Eric leaves for Dallas when he gets a call from Bill about how the Church of the Fellowship of the Sun tried to abduct Sookie and are obviously involved with Godric’s disappearance.

The two vampires meet at the hotel bar and discuss the importance of Godric and his disappearance.  Eric says that Godric is twice as old and strong as he is, and that if Godric can be captured by humans, then no vampire is safe.  Plus, Godric is very loved and respected by Dallas vampires, so if he isn’t found soon and justice imposed, the vampires will start attacking humans in retribution.

Meanwhile, at the vampire-friendly hotel, Jessica has ordered room service in the form of a Calvin-Klein-underwear-model-esque fellow that she can snack on.  Sookie opens the door and is speechless when she realizes what is going on.  As if she could be any more baffled, she realizes that the bellhop that brought up the ‘room service’ is a mind-reader just like she is.  They have a brief and awkward mental conversation before the bellhop freaks out and runs down the hall.  Sookie gives chase in her bathrobe.

Not much was answered during this episode except that Maryann is the minotaur thing.  We definitely have a lot more questions that need to be answered.  Like, why does Maryann want Tara and Eggs to hook up so bad?  Is it just a ploy to keep Tara around, or is there some darker purpose?  How long until Bill, Eric, and Sookie run into Jason and the Newlin’s Soldiers of the Sun?  Overall, I thought this was another quality episode, but I was expecting just a little more insight.  Hopefully episode 2.05, “Never Let Me Go” give us a little more satisfaction.

I give “Shake and Fingerpop” 4  dancing Lafayette’s out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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