True Blood Season 2 Ep. 3 “Scratches” *spoilers*

trueblood_season2When I started watching True Blood last year, it quickly became a guilty pleasure of mine.  I mean, it’s a little embarrassing to tell someone that your favorite TV show is about sexy vampires, a shape-shifter, and a telepathic waitress.  It wasn’t until the second season premier that I realized there was nothing to feel ‘guilty’ about, considering I was one of 5.1 million viewers to tune into HBO to get their fix. 

OK, quick recap — there are four main story threads running through Season 2 so far:  Lafayette’s imprisonment by Eric;  The strange relationships between Tara, the maenad-like Maryann, and Sam;  17 year old Jessica’s rebellious existence as a new vampire; and Jason’s immersion into the creepy Church of the Fellowship of the Sun.  Episode 3 is already showing us where these threads are intertwining to create what I think will be an interesting tapestry of a season.

As Scratches begins, Bill, Sookie, and Jessica are driving back from TB-S02-maenad-preview01Jessica’s family’s house.  Bill is mad and blames Sookie for the near death of the family, so in her fury, she gets out of the car to walk home by herself.  She’s suddenly attacked by a minotaur-esque creature.  It slashes through her back with it’s poisoned claws, leaving her paralyzed and bleeding.  Bill tries to heal her with his blood, but the poison prevents it from working.  Bill decides to take her to Eric for help, and sends Jessica home.

Bill brings Sookie to Fangtasia, where Eric summons feisty Dr. Ludwig to help, who discovers and removes the poison from her wounds.  Eric expresses that he might be interested in Sookie for more than just her telepathy, and he tries to give her his blood, only to be shot down by Bill.  I think we might see a much more complicated relationship start to emerge from these three.  In a tender moment, Bill heals Sookie’s wounds.

Daphne, the new waitress, can’t seem to get the hang of workin’ at Merlotte’s.  Sam is already upset about Maryann’s intrusion on his life, and takes his anger out on Daphne, sending her home in tears.  Sam decides to leave town to get away from Maryann and starts packing.

Maryann is throwing a huge party at her house and it gets way out of control.  She is still trying to nurture a relationship between Tara and Eggs, but I think that the scales have finally fallen from Tara’s eyes.  She looks around, disgusted at what the party has become, and escapes into the house.

Now fully healed, Sookie wakes up at Fangtasia and finds out via telepathy that Lafayette (who’s badly injured but still human) is being held captive in the basement.  Eric wants her to go to Dallas to help him find a missing vampire, so she bargains to go as long as he releases Lafayette and gives her $10,000.  None of that seems to be a problem for Eric.  Lafayette is released, and obviously terrified when Eric winks at him and promises to see him around.

normal_True-BloodDotNet_Season2_032Meanwhile in Dallas, Jason is at the Light of Day Institution and is an obvious favorite there.  But after a group session of spouting hate for vampires, Jason realizes that he doesn’t hate all vampires, like Bill and vampire Eddie, so knows he doesn’t really fit in.  When he storms out Sarah follows him, and uses the death of his grandmother and girlfriend to stir his hatred again.  Sarah prays with him, all the while batting her lashes at him like a drunken cheerleader at prom.  Yeah, we all know where that’s going.  Later, Jason is invited to the Newlin’s for dinner, where Steve (Sarah’s husband) explains that everyone should prepare for the war going on out there.

Jessica wakes up to find the house still empty.  She gets dolled up and heads to Merlotte’s, where she meets the always sweet Hoyt. You can tell that she is ready to experience life, and Hoyt is just sweet enough that he could be a good guide.   She takes him back to Bill’s house, and after a little Wii and a smooch or two, her fangs spring out and she’s mortified.  Hoyt reassures her that he thinks it’s awesome.  Jessica gets a little sparkle in her eye, and goes in for the kill.

Bill and Sookie arrive back at Bill’s house to find what appears to be Jessica feeding on Hoyt.  Bill throws Jess across the room, and we see that Hoyt is fine, if only little shaken — they were just making out.  Bill’s needs to chill a little and listen to Sookie if he wants to be a good maker.

In the mean time, Sam is all packed up and  wants to have one last run with his four-legged companion.  They end up at a lake, but the dog takes off just as Daphne shows up, who’s suddenly acting sexy, cool, and confident.  She insists that they skinny dip, and Sam doesn’t resist.  That’s when we see that she has scars on her back that are identical to the wounds inflicted on Sookie by the minotaur-thing.

maryann Obviously there is a connection here between the minotaur, Maryann, and Tara.  Miss Jeanette had her heart ripped out after Tara was hurt because she was a fake.  Maryann verbally ripped out Tara’s mother’s heart in a confrontation.  Sookie is attacked after Tara considers her offer to live with her instead of Maryann, and now it appears poor Sam might be in trouble too.  I’ll definately be tuned in Sunday for Episode 2.04:  “Shake and Fingerpop”.

I give Scratches: 5 “Is there blood in my hair?” out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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