Get in Line for Avatar!

avatar-james-cameronToday was officially dubbed “Avatar Day” and James Cameron let AMC IMAX theatres give the first look of Avatar on the big screen in the form of a 15 minute tease into what the film has to offer. Before seeing this, I had heard tons of talk and hype about the film, not seen any trailers for it yet and only glimpsed at the pictures that have come out so far. My initial thoughts were this will be a nerd’s film (which I am), that will make good money because of the Director being James Cameron. After that, my thoughts were just “ehh, I’ll see it, whatever.”

Wow, was I wrong. This movie is going to change movie making history! He showed a variety of scenes to give us a feel of what the movie is about and what we can expect from the story. He promised there were no spoilers in this, and that it was all from the first half of the film. From what I’ve seen, Sam Worthington is a wheelchair-ridden soldier named Jake. He and a bunch of other soldiers are about to embark on a mission in this colorful world that we see. They first have to go through a transformation in order to put them in their avatar bodies. Jake goes in to what I would describe as a medical tanning bed (pictured) handicapped and comes out as a strong, very tall perfectly healthy avatar. From there, he shows many scenes from within this world, and the creatures that he encounters.

The digital effects in this film are so amazing, words can’t seem to describe them. Even in the real world, with Jake in a wheelchair, the hospital environment is stunning.avatar_movie_promo_screenshot The rooms are very sterile and bright white and the monitors that all of the staff are reading are so vibrant and colorful and seem to be so real, even though we know this technology doesn’t exist.

The world he ventures into can best be described as the world of King Kong through an animated version of fiber optics. Cameron is finally using the 3-D aspect in the correct way. With all of the vibrant, sparkly colors surrounding you, it’s easy to see these objects jump off the screen and at you. He showed a forest scene with fireflies twinkling around Jake in a circle that jumped off the screen.

The digital animation is also using emotion so much better than almost anything I’ve seen. We see Sam Worthington go into the medical bed unit and we see an Avatar version come out, with his facial features still there under the yellow eyes and pointy ears. There were four or five different creatures we got to see, and each more interesting than the last. One looked like a giant Triceratops with peacock feathers on it’s head that were very colorful. There was a giant feline creature, like an ancient Saber tooth, and it was very dark, but the light hit its skin and you could easily see that it looked leathery.

So, after this preview, I am very excited about seeing the full length film. I’m almost CERTAIN that come Oscar time, Avatar will sweep through and carry out every award it gets nominated for.¬† It hits theatres nationwide on December 18th, but AMC is already selling tickets for the midnight and 4 am showing. Get your tickets now!

by Angela Davis

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