Entourage: Murphy’s Lie

entourages06e06tvs250Ok, let me just explain why we haven’t had a review of Entourage in two weeks. Simply, because we haven’t had anything to say about the show. It has been thirty minutes into the perfect life of four guys, how boring. I don’t watch soap operas, but I like drama. Finally, this episode is back to that.

Murphy’s Lie begins on Drama’s set of his show, working with Jamie Lynn and Turtle looking on very disgusted at the kissing scene. It is also the first day of school for Turtle and after Vinnie drops him off at class, he decides to wait out his time there by “socializing” with a college girl. 704aGirl after girl, Vinnie always seems to have the perfect sex life and as amusing as it may be, it just doesn’t seem practical that all of these girls are well balanced, independent girls just looking for a good time, like he is. I was saying after last week, that we need to see some post-coital drama, like a girl claiming she is pregnant. Well this week may be a set up for the drama I have been wanting. The girl he spends time with in this episode is determined to film their sexespades and I’m sure her intent is either to load it on Youtube or try to sell it to a magazine and/or gossip show. This will finally bring some spice to Vinnie’s character and actually make you care about him again.

Meanwhile, E is set to meet with Murray again and see if he would like to work for him, but also heads over to Ashley’s house to apoligize for calling her Sloan the night before. After some make up sex, he receives a voicemail (which Ashley listens to) from Sloan, apoligizing and hoping that he takes the job. 2073385871Once again, Ashley is pissed and storms out of the house. She deletes the voicemail, so E has no idea what he has done and goes to the meeting. He likes what he sees and takes the job for less money than what he makes with Vince. I’m not sure where this is going. I like the idea that we are going to get to see the Hollywood side of the show again, as I’m sure that when he goes into work, we will see actors and athletes coming in for meetings and hopefully get to here some good Hollywood news that has yet to be released on the interwebs. That is one of my favorite parts of the show, that has been lacking this season. Also, Ashley breaks up with E by the end of the show.

Now,drama Drama was definitely the most entertaining part of the show, as his heart took over his brain and he went ape-shit again. After his scene with Jamie-Lynn, his boss takes her to lunch to discuss future projects. Drama stalks them to lunch but then loses them somewhere after they left, and freaks out. It has been an hour since he had seen her, and with Turtle on his way back to the set, he can’t focus on the scene and after six takes, he decides to take off in the middle of shooting and drive to his boss’ studio and barges in on a meeting. She isn’t there and after his boss sees how heated he is about this, he threatens to screw her just mess with Drama. He doesn’t like this and CHOKES his boss, just for a minute, but after that, his boss says he can have him killed. “How?”, he asks, “I’ll have the writers kill you off.”  ep72_hellhathnofuryMaybe it’s just me, but I thought he was the star of this show and  to me, this feels like an empty threat from a small man. I hope this doesn’t happen because that would mean that he would be back to square one.

There was also another flair up at Ari’s office, his wife forgave him before work, and at work, Andrew’s wife came in and threw a hissy fit, demanding that the whore who is trying to ruin her marriage come forward. She is crazy! I would never do that sort of thing, but then I don’t live in LA, maybe it’s something in the air. Ari almost fires Andrew and the fling girl, but she proves that she is NOT into Andrew anymore and just trying to work. It becomes even more obvious that Andrew is messed up and probably not going to get better. He promises to try harder and Ari has a soft side for him and loves how good he is at his job, so gives him, yet, another chance. I swear if Andrew doesn’t straighten up, I will write HBO and fire him myself!

I give Murphy’s Lie 3 “Drama is the Unibomber” out of 5


by Angela Davis


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