Movie Review: Finding The Good in “The Goods”

thegoodsThe Goods is just another shot at making us laugh with shocking humor. It stars Jeremy Piven as Don Ready, a slimy car salesmen that has a talent for saving dying dealerships. He is accompanied by a group of strange mega salesmen. They have all come to Temecula, CA to help save Ben Selleck’s family car lot, and maybe have sex with his children, one of which is a 10 year old boy with a glandular problem that makes him look like a 40 year old man. So, if you were wondering, the story is not true.

thegoodspic6This is a comedy though, and story is not the draw it’s the comedy and there is some, but as it seems not enough to hold the movie up for it’s hour and a half running time. Don’t get me wrong, some of this movie is really funny but it’s shocking funny. The kind of comedy that on the second run though would be a laughless affair. I do tend to like this kind of improv comedy but, I’m starting to think it’s time to take a break and wait for the shock factor to come back. Then I won’t feel like I’m sitting in a film about people with Tourettes and have the chance to be shocked. That’s not saying that the acting was bad as it turns out, The Goods offers some memorable characters.

thegoodspic9One of the stand outs for me was Kathryn Hahn, who played Babs, one of Don’s salesmen, a disturbing girl with no real need for a back story. I have seen Kathryn in other improv comedies like Step Brothers, but she never really was a stand out. In The Goods, she is definitely the character with the most memorable lines. Though she was my stand out actor, it doesn’t mean she was alone, Jeremy Piven wasn’t bad in this, stepping away from what I am used to seeing him do, it was nice to see him in the raunchy comedy role, I can’t say it was his best performance as I did see a little Ari in Don. Though the comedy was good at times it was the lack of a story and the space between jokes that ruined my experience.

goods-2The movie gave the feeling that they knew what it was, as it quickly ties up sub-plots in moments and isn’t afraid to take jabs at itself and can be fun at times.¬† I’ts just another in a long line of improv movies that would have made a better sketch than a feature film. If you have to go see this movie I suggest you have a few drinks, loosen up, and laugh but know that this doesn’t have the lasting power of most of it’s improv predecessors.

I give The Goods 2 “I think I’m done with Will Ferrell” out of 5.


by Ryan Davis

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