Don’t wanna be an American Idiot-Green Day at the Sprint Center, 8/12/09

green-dayGreat show last night. I have 2 of their albums, but don’t really know all of their songs. My buddy Joe had seen them before and told me that they put on a good show. Hey, for $25 I was willing to check them out!

So, after a quick bite at the Flying Saucer Café ($15 for 2 beers and a dog food burger? But, the waitresses were in school girl skirts, heels and thigh high stockings, so it all evens out) we strolled into the Sprint Center. Pretty good crowd, lots of youngsters and twenty something’s all the way up to fans in their 50’s. Female fan outfit of choice was hot pants, heels and revealing tops. Or so Joe mentioned, I had not really noticed. Ahem.

We get up to the 2nd level to find people lined up. We thought they were in a drink line. Nope. Turns out that something had got fouled up with the seating, so they were making us exchange our tickets for an ‘upgrade’. Franz_Ferdinand(2)Which was cool, except for the fact that there were literally a thousand people in line (and growing) and we were lined up at a box office window with ONE person working. Unrest was growing. Especially when the opening band Franz Ferdinand started playing and we were still stuck in line. You could feel the tension in the air.

Anyway, that situation was finally resolved, we got seats in the lower level, directly in line with the stage. But we missed most of the opening act, so not much to report.

WAS2005021468912A little after 9:00, Green Day took the stage and a 2 1/2 hour aerobic experience exploded on stage! Wow wow wow! Billie Joe Armstrong hit the stage running and never stopped! 5 minutes into the concert he leaped off the stage and ran into the crowd, halfway up the lower level. He screamed at everybody to “get off their asses, this ain’t TV, this is here, this is NOW!” And for the remainder of the night, everyone did just that! My dang legs are sore today from bouncing up and down for a couple of hours.

Non-stop action. Cool stage set up. Started off with a new York City skyline backdrop, but changed throughout the night. Lots of fireworks going off, flash bombs, flames shooting high in the air, confetti cannons, a super soaker water gun, a tee shirt bazooka. Never a dull moment!

I will say that Billie Joe was quite the front man, very active and entertaining. Several times through out the night he stopped to talk to an audience member:

Billie Joe: Did I just see you hold up a sign saying today is your 21st birthday?

Fan: Yes!

Billie Joe: Got any ID on ya?

Fan: Nope.

Billie Joe: Here, drink this beer anyway (hands her a beer). Then starts chanting ‘chug it chug it chug it’! Laughs. You aren’t gonna puke now are you?

Pulled a couple of fans onto the stage to sing songs, including a young girl (Billie Joe: I want one who is not quite ripe. Any parents out there willing to give up their first born?)

Any fan who managed to get on stage had to leave via stage dive. Good stuff!

green_day1Later in the concert they did a medley where the band would play power chord riffs from familiar songs like ‘Iron Man’, ‘Crazy Train’, ‘You Really Got Me’. They then did a rave up version of the old Isley Brothers classic ‘Shout’ that had the crowd up and dancing, throwing their arms in the air in unison, singing along. The band laid on the stage (a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now) and while there Billy Joe segued into ‘Break On Through’, ‘Free Falling’ and ‘Earth Angel’, followed by a few stanzas of ‘Goin To Kansas City’!

Hoo boy, this was a HIGH energy show, I was sweating buckets. Gal in the row behind us was so overcome with emotion (or more likely beer) that she decided to stage dive into me and Joe!

So, few hours later the main set came to an end. Fans going nuts, lighters (and cell phones) held high, lots of hooting and hollering, clapping and stomping. Band comes back out and immediately tears into ‘American Idiot’ one of my favorites! And boy did they tear it up! Followed that with ‘Minority’, then once again left the stage.

green_day_billie_joeWe wanted more! A few minutes later, Billie Joe came back with an acoustic guitar and played solo, finishing off the night with ‘Last Night On Earth’ and ‘Good Riddance’ (It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life.) And with that, he held his guitar high, took a final bow and walked off stage.

So there we were, Joe and I on a hot summer night on the mean streets of Kansas City. Too pumped to just head home, we decided to head into the P&L district for some after concert party activities. Much merriment ensued…

Submitted by your roving rock and roll reporter,

Set list:
21st Century Breakdown, Know Your Enemy, East Jesus Nowhere, Holiday, The Static Age, Before the Lobotomy, Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Hitching a Ride, Welcome to Paradise, 2000 Light Years Away, Medley 1 (Crazy Train), Brain Stew, Jaded, Longview, Basket Case, She, King for a Day, Medley 2 (Shout, Free Falling), 21 Guns, American Eulogy. Encore: American Idiot, Minority. Encore 2 (acoustic): Macy’s Day Parade, Last Night On Earth, Good Riddance

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