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halloween_posterWe are giving away Halloween 2 Posters in honor of it’s release Friday, August 28th. If you want to win a poster, what you have to do is just tell us what movie scares you the most and why. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a horror film either, it can by anything that scares you today or a film from when you were younger. Entries will need to be received by August 31st, contest ends on September 1st. Winners will be selected at random from those who enter. Prizes will be mailed to the address given. No purchase necessary.

So you don’t feel alone, here are some movies that scared us:

Ryan: Pumpkinhead(1988). When I was a kid, it wasn’t necessarily the movie that scared me, but more or less, the creepy old lady in the beginning. She haunted my dreams and left me in fear when the lights were out.


Angela: The War of the Worlds(2005). For most people, this isn’t a movie that would scare you, but for me, I have an irrational fear of aliens. That mixed with Speilberg’s amazing sound design, and this movie will have me under the blankets and grabbing my teddy bear.


Heather Fitzpatrick: The Strangers…Was more suspense than gore(even though it had some of that too) and easy to see yourself in that circumstance.


Josh: The Grudge- I’m afraid of Asian people!


Carlos Montes: The Descent… The dark, tight spaces, something eating your friends, oh yea, you don’t know the way out!


Jhonny Chan: The Eye (Original HK version)

The concept of the film is simply outstanding, because the ghosts that you see in the movie are a variety. For decades, ghost flicks’ plots are simply someone getting killed and he/she comes back and haunts others, so basically, only one or two ghosts show up in a film, and they usually look familiar.

However, this film is about daily ghost encounter. The most fascinating side to make people scared is to make every ghost encounter location ‘near’ us; meaning that we would feel scared when we are in those places like in elevators, stairwells, highway, classroom, restaurant, etc. Also, all the ghosts cannot show their faces and they are all extras, so we would feel they are real ghosts rather than saying “isn’t he in the comedy last month, etc”

The sound effect of the film also deserves some scary credit, because it is used to scare people cleverly and you will never know when the ghosts will come out. This is unique from other Hollywood horror flicks, because you will know either a friend or a real ghost will come out when someone looks into a mirror or shouts anybody home when entering house.

Therefore, check this all-time favorite horror film and one more thing, this film has made Pang Brothers famous and that’s how they came to the US and directed “The Messenger”, “Bangkok Dangerous”


Richard Nabor: The flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz totally freaked me out!


Lawrence McCluney: Saw 2 All the things he was doing to people.


Roberto Garcia: The movie that scared me the most would be Killer Klowns From Outer Space.  I was only 5 and watched it one nite on HBO while my parents were asleep.  I had nightmares.  Two weeks later the Shrine Circus came to KC.  My parents took me and as we were going to our seats in the almost nose bleed section a clown was selling cotton candy. The clown gave my mom a hug.  I started to scream and ran to kick the clown.  After all the commotion I found out the clown was really my uncle.  Told my parents why I got scared  needless to say couldn’t watch TV for a month.


AJ Hall: Nightmare on Elm Street.  What scared me the most about it was that a man with knives as finger nails could enter into peoples dreams and kill them.  At the time they were excellent kill scenes.  As a young boy I got scared.  So when Freddy would jump in my dreams He got beat up by Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.  That is what eased my mind and still let me get scared each time I watched Nightmare on Elm Street.  Especially the first three.


A. Garcia: The Omen, scared me the most psychologically.  It’s based on a bible theory.  The comimg of the Anti-christ .How could  a child be the son of the devil?   Which to me could really happen. This movie had some weird crazy deaths.   But the one scene that really stuck with me is the decapitation of one of the characters.  Just seeing that head roll down the street.  WTF!!!


Chris Murr: Stephen King’s “IT.”. The reason was Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown.  I was a kid when it came out and was shown on TV.  The clowns already freaked me out, but that pretty much scared the poo out of me.  I hated shower drains after seeing that show as well.


Jonna Walker- When I was in my teens, the first Friday the 13 scared the crap out of me. After seeing the movie, I had to stay all night alone in my parents house since they were out of town for the night. I had nightmares for years because of this movie.


Anne Darrow- Hostel, well very gory and graphic on the movie i love horror movies and this movie was the best movie ever.


Robert Sokol: Jaws – because I got bit (very small bite) by a shark when I was 8 years old and now I can’t stand these type of movies.


Weston Hayes: Fantasia ,because that f*cking wizard scared the shit out of me when i was 3,with those crazy I’m gonna f*cking kill you eyes!!!!!! oh think i just shit myself.


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