Movie Review: Inglourious Spoilers

BPO.K., so you watched the video review and you want just a little more, then this review is for you. There were just so many good things in this movie that you cannot talk about in any way. I just couldn’t do that because they are my favorite parts of the film so, if you want all these secrets to stay secrets then don’t continue reading and just watch our video review.¬† If you do, here are my Inglourious Spoilers.
Inglourius Basterds is World War II as seen through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino, so that means lots of talking, but for me that’s a good thing. I could watch a two hour conversation if it was written by Tarantino. His dialog is like no other and can turn no name actors into movie stars. In this case though, he has one of the biggest actors in Hollywood to play with, Brad Pitt.
Pitt plays the seriously twisted Lt. Aldo Raine, the leader of a group of Nazi killing manics that have been tearing through the Germans with out mercy. The Basterds are an entire squad of killers, but we really only focus on a chosen few. When you first meet the Basterds you are immediately infatuated and ready to go on their wild ride, the problem is you don’t, and the main focus of the film is shared between the Basterds and a Jewish girl, Shosanna Dreyfus, left alive in a Nazi massacre at the start of the film. Shosanna and the Basterds are brought together through a plot to kill a group of Nazis as they attend a movie premiere, among these Nazis is none other than Hitler himself, add some twists and turns and you have Inglourious Basterds.
Enough with what it’s about, let me tell you what I loved that I could not tell you before. First off, Tarantino killed HITLER, that’s right he killed him and not only did he kill him, he let Eli Roth rip though his face with an MP-40. I have been waiting for this moment to happen in1 movie history my whole life and Roth does this with style. The look on Roth’s face during this scene is classic, you can see years and years of built up oppression pour from his character, the Bear Jew’s eyes making you feel like you yourself are pulling the trigger.
Not only was Roth fantastic in this but Pitt was exactly as I like him, with a side of strange, and when he is off the screen you just sit counting the minutes until he he comes back. One of my favorite scenes, though it was hard to pick, was during the premiere as Pitt’s character Aldo Raine escorts Diane Kruger’s character, he is undercover as an Italian stunt man, but when he talks, he gives no intention of faking an accent and sent the crowd along with me into a burst of laughter. Pitt, though some might say was over the top, gave in my opinion the best performance of his career and I think it’s time that they hand over that Oscar and do it with a character we can see he loved playing.
QT00181CRLet’s make it double and give Tarantino that long over due Best Director statue based solely on the fact that he had the guts to kill Hitler, and make a wonderfully, all encompassing film. In his final scene, he fills a theater with fire as the projector plays off the smoke creating one of the most horrifically beautiful scenes in celluloid history. The evil laughter of Shosanna fills your head as the wisps of smoke provide the screen for her diabolical face. I still can’t get that scene out of my head and can’t think of anyone that could have executed it better. I can’t wait for the next scaring look into the genius that is Quentin Tarantino.

I give Inglourious Basterds what I wanted to from the moment the movie ended, 4 “HE KILLED HITLER!” out of 5.

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by Ryan Davis

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