Interview with Sheri Moon Zombie About Her Role In Halloween 2

halloween-mom-mikeWe were given the opportunity to interview Sheri Moon Zombie for the up coming Zombie flick Halloween 2, that comes out August 28th. As many of you know, we are huge Zombie fans and even bigger fans of his movies. So when given the chance to interview Sheri we jumped on it.

You may know Sheri from other Zombie films such as House of a 1000 Corpses or The Devil’s Rejects and if you have seen those films you will remember her classic horror laugh, of which Angela got to hear first hand. Here is Angela’s interview with Sheri Moon Zombie:

Angela– Hi How are you?

Sheri– I’m great, how are you?

Angela– good, good. I just want to preface this by saying we haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet, Halloween 2, but we are planning on it. But from the looks of it, it looks like you are going to have an important role returning as Debbie, Michael Myers’ mom?

Sheri– Uh, yes, I play Deborah Myers. Basically, you see my character in this movie through the eyes and mind of Michael Myers. He is pretty emotionally and mentally stunted at the age 10 or 11 when he went in to the asylum for his murdering (laugh). He sort of remembers his mother from that age. Its a great look into Michael Myers’ mind, because you see how he perceives things in life and how he remembers his mom. It’s a pretty interesting look into the character.

Angela– Ok, so it just going to be more of a flash back then?

Sheri– No, its not a flashback,  its more of a running theme throughout the movie. As you see Michael Myers, it’s not really a flashback, its more like he’s thinking, and you see what he is thinking.

Angela– Oh, Ok. So, we also want to know if this Halloween is going to be more of a sick version that will appeal to Zombie fans of House of 1000 Corpses, or be staying more in the safe zone to appeal to all of the Carpenter fans as well?

Sheri– Well, I think its going to appeal to movie fans. I think there is a little bit of everything, you know, I mean face it, it is a horror movie, so there is a lot of violence and it is scary. Yet there is also a human thread running through, where you really get attached to the character. And if you are a Halloween, Michael Myer’s fan, then you’re REALLY going to dig this movie, because you get to know Michael even more.

Angela– Oh, good. So it sounds like it will appeal to everyone then (laugh). Hopefully, I’m looking forward to it. So, Zombie’s next project The [Haunted World of] El Superbeasto, which you are also a part of is set to come out soon,

Sheri– The El Superbeasto is going to come out Sept 22, and H2 is coming out Aug 28th.  The El Superbeasto, is a really racy, sexy, raunchy, funny, nasty adult rated R animated show. I play this character, Suzie, she is a crime fighter. It was a lot of fun, Rob wrote the comic about 10 years ago and the movie has been in the making for like 5 years. And I am super excited that it is finally coming out.

Angela– Ok,yeah, because it looks like its going to be a demented version of Scooby Doo maybe.

Sheri– Yeah, that’s what Rob likes to say, (laugh)

Angela– So do you have any projects coming up that are not going to be Zombie projects, because we saw you one time on Californication?

Sheri– Yeah, I did Californication, it was a lot of fun. Um, my next project is, I’m going to take some time off and relax.

Angela– Oh, Ok.

Sheri– And Rob has a new record coming out in November. So I’m going to go on tour with him and go have fun and see a rock show every night.

Angela– Oh, good, that was going to be my next question, because I heard he had a new album coming out , so I was wondering if you were going to be part of the tour again?

Sheri– I don’t think I’m going to dance this time. I think I’m just gonna go and be a spectator and enjoy it.

Angela– Is that going to be a first time for you then?

Sheri– Uh, no. I’ve been on the road, just watching, a few other times. I just think I’m gonna hang back and watch it from the side of the stage.

Angela– Oh, that’s good. We’re big fans. We usually always see him. By the way, we have a poster from his zombie tour of you flipping us off saying, “Say you love Satan” hanging in our basement.

Sheri– Laughing (in the Classic Baby laugh)

Angela– So we have always been a fan. You answered everything that I had.  It was great to talk to you.

Sheri– Well it was nice to talk to you too, And it was great, so thank you.

Angela– I appreciate it, thank you


Angela– well I guess I will let you go now,

Sheri– Ok, have a good one

Angela-you too, Bye.

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