Win Passes to see The Informant! *CLOSED*

TheInformant_UnbelievableEnter to win advance screening passes for you and a guest to see Matt Damon in The Informant!

The film opens nationwide on Friday, September 18

Screening will be held on Thursday, September 10th at AMC Olathe at 7:30pm

If you want to see Steven Soderbergh’s newest comedy, you only need to do one thing. Tell us a “tattle tale” you have used to benefit someone other than yourself.

Contest ends on September 7th, 2009.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Winners randomly selected. Limit one pass per entry. Pass admits two people.
Bring the pass and arrive early! Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Passes do not guarantee seating. Theater is overbooked to ensure capacity.
This film is rated “R” for language. No one under 17 will be admitted to see this film unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Here are your Tattle Tales:
Theresa Kester -checks in the mail.

Cecil Carter-I helped a friend get invited to an invitation only social event by telling the host that some of the invited guests had been invited to another event and were planning to attend.

Laurie Sorenson– I may have stretched the truth a bit when giving a job reference for a friend who was looking for a job. She did end up getting the job. Did what I say help? We may never know.

Dee Dee Carter-My aunt couldn’t get into a sold out H.S. basketball game to see her son play in a championship game. I asked to speak with the person in charge and told them that I had just seen a whole family get let in free because their son was playing in the game. He finally agreed to let just her in and not the rest of the family.

Greg Carter-I helped a coworker with MS to get a reserved parking spot with his name on it by squealing on another coworker who was parking in the disabled parking spot more so for convenience and did not as much as the worker who could not walk.

Shelley Cotton– I knew two people liked each other, and they were both chicken and wouldn’t do anything about it.  So, I finally told them both.  They are married now!

Lynn Canning– Loaned a VIP sticker to a friend so they could get good parking at a school ball game.

Tamra Batt– He isn’t home right now…

Chris Cotton– My wife really wanted something for Christmas but would never tell her parents . . . I told them . . . she got it. Happy wife means a happy husband!

Steve Perry– My father-n-law falls from ladders. I heard that he was going to do some roof work the other day and told my wife. She made sure he didn’t go up on the ladder. Unfortunately that meant I had to. This back-fired on me.

Tim Ward-a job referral for a friend that had no experience in the field.

Milo Barley– I found out that a new co-worker’s fiance lived in my neighborhood. (She just moved to KC) From the photos that I saw of her fiance on her desk, I recognized him from my neighborhood pool. I also knew that he had a variety of female guests at the pool over the summer. Based on his behavior at the pool, I would have never guessed that he was engaged!! Since she was new to town, I invited her over to a neighborhood pool party (She accepted, since he told her he was going out of town for business that weekend). Of course, her fiance was not out of town and showed up at the party with a date!

Stanley Ellman– When I was young I told a friend about his girlfriend who was messing around on him.

Penny Cotsworth– That a lady in line at a department store was looking to get a refund on a pair of shoes. I saw the price tag on a pair of shoes she was wearing.

Elishia Hazelton– My newest tattle tale involved a hit and run. I was sitting tat my front desk when a car ran into another parked car in the parking lot. The driver got out, looked around and started to get back in his car. I was having none of that! I ran out the door and jumped in front of his car before he could take off. Of course he yelled at me to move, but once he knew he was caught, he tried to play it off. I stood there until the owner of the other vehicle came out so that they could handle the incident. It was probably incredibly dumb in hindsight since I didn’t know if the guy would run me over, or worse, but hey I felt like a good doer for the rest of the day. Yay me!

Kim Starbuck– I sugarcoated a former co-worker’s performance to help her get a job!

Cheree Mccallon– I am now working at a place part-time where it just so happens that my old roommate from a decade ago works as well but not all of the employees there know our past relationship. I overheard one of the other employees saying negative things about my old roommate but not only did I not say anything to that employee but I acted like I wasn’t listening so I could get all of the dirt. I then turned around and called my old roommate to give her a heads up on what was being talked about behind her back. HATERS SUCK!

Tom Helton-I had a neighbor (Brian) in my duplex that I called the police on in 2003, because I could hear his girlfriend (Kathy) screaming: “Help! Call the cops! He’s hitting me!”

The cops came, and the fight inside the apartment stopped (which helped her) but they didn’t arrest him. They moved out about a month later, she went with him.

Oh..when the police got there..they told Brian that I was the one who called! After the police left he came over and wanted to fight me, I was so worked up that they hadn’t arrested him, that I (foolishly) came outside. Then he just wanted to talk.

I don’t know if it had a long lasting change on her life, but it at least saved her that night…

Karen Pohl-told someone her husband was cheating and she got a divorce

Liz Gawlik-told how my best friend did the hirring for the entire state for our company when she was looking for a new job.

Erin Benesh-just by chance met a guy looking for someone to do some IT work for him, told him my husband had more experience that he did (he could totally do the job, but hadn’t done it for very many people yet, was just getting his business off the ground), the guy gave my husband a chance, and his business took off!

Kris Davila-I told my sister-in-law that my daughter was going on a date and hair need to be touch up, thank goodness she got her in after trying to schedule a appointment for the last 2 months.

Emily Trevena-Told someone that their boyfriend was using them for money.

Ashleigh Gaunt-I once told my boss that a certain employee was going to quit (per his mouth) because he felt unappreciated, “his pay reflected how they undervalued him”, he was tired of working “so many stinkin’ hours), and how we literally could not afford to lose this employee because of his knowledge and expertise.  My hope was that the employee would be offered a salary and benefits.  He was offered the package,turned it down because he preferred to be paid overtime, and he continued to work there and gripe about the same things every single day!  To my knowledge, he still works there but I left several years ago.

Adam Roberts-I was a reference for a friend who was pretending he had graduated and that I was his former boss. He got the job (then graduated a year later) and they knew nothing different.

Chris Murr-I previously told a drunk friend at a party that the cops were outside sitting waiting for people to leave the party, and then pulling them over.  I did this so that my drunk half retarded friend would let me drive he and his girlfriend home.

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