True Blood Episode 2.07 “Release Me”

PrintWow!  The proverbial s*** has hit the fan this week with episode 7, Release Me.  We begin with a drunken Andy still stumbling around the forest looking for the pig that crossed the road in front of him.  Instead he comes across Maryann’s party/ritual.  Practically the entire town of Bon Temps is naked and wild and chanting as a bull-mask clad Maryann is about to rip out Sam’s heart.  He fires a shot into the sky, allowing Sam enough time to get away.  Trying to figure out what’s going on, Andy grabs Terry, who throws him to the ground and breaks Andy’s arm, laughing — and with blacked out eyes.  Sam takes off into the woods with Maryann giving chase, but he luckily turns into an owl and escapes.

In the Light of Day basement, Sookie and Hugo are locked in a fenced in storage area.  Hugo is having anxiety and claustrophobia, and Sookie tries to help him through it, all the while wondering when Bill will come to save them.  She also thinks that maybe Stan is the traitor: that he let the LODI know that Sookie and Hugo were coming, and maybe helped them capture Godric for his own personal gain.

Lorena is still keeping Bill prisoner.  Since she is older and stronger, she has no problem restraining him and beating him to the door.  She claims to have missed him, and we are sucked into another flashback.  This time it’s 1935 L.A., and Bill is sitting in a smoking jacket, reading ‘Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece’ (there’s a little tie-in later).  Lorena comes home from seeing a musical and brings along a little snack in the form of a chorus girl.  Bill has apparently been trying to give up on human blood for some time, and is nearly tempted into feasting on this girl.  Bill is tired of all the vicious killing.  She promises he will grow out of his conscience, but Bill still refuses to be the monster she wants him to be.  Coming out of the flashback, Bill promises that if Sookie is hurt, he will kill Lorena.

release-me-300x222Eric and Isabella are scoping out the LODI compound, and Eric is unimpressed.  Eric wants to know more about having a relationship with a human, and asks if she is repulsed at the thought of Hugo growing old.  She says no, she finds it curious, like a science project.  Real romantic this one, huh?

In the church balcony, Jason and Sarah are sharing a post-coitus moment.  Sarah is crying with joy, saying she has found the true love of her life, and is excited to tell Steve right away.  Remembering the armory in the basement and the lock-in and ceremony, Jason nervously insists that they wait to tell him until that is all over.  Sarah agrees, but only because she thinks that the “Meet the Sun” ceremony is more important, with no fear of Steve’s wrath.

Jessica and Hoyte are in her hotel room relaxing, when Hoyte admits to her that he is still a virgin, and she confesses that she is too.  Jessica says she wants to be his first, but at the moment, it’s almost daylight and she needs to sleep, so they curl up under the covers.

Back at Hotel Carmilla, Isabella, Eric and Stan bicker over their options for getting Godric back if he is indeed captured by the Fellowship of the Sun church.  Eric accuses Stan of killing Godric and using the Fellowship as a distraction while he takes Godric’s place as sheriff.

Tara and Eggs wake up on Sookie’s couch.  Neither of them can remember anything after coming home and seeing a clothes trail leading out into the backyard. Eggs thinks it was the joint they smoked, but Tara isn’t so sure.  She doesn’t feel any better when Maryann walks in muddy and covered in the blood of a rabbit she killed for dinner.

True_Blood_sookieSteve comes down to the basement to get information from Sookie and Hugo.  Hugo volunteers their names — ignoring Sookie’s frantic protests — and at the name Stackhouse, Steve realizes that she is Jason’s sister.  Steve takes off with Gabe to find Jason, and Sookie tries to mentally phone Barry, the bellhop, for help.  She sends out a message for him to give to Bill.

Back at the hotel, Bill and Lorena fight the urge to sleep.  Lorena refuses to close her eyes and give Bill the chance to run into the sunlight and kill himself trying to save Sookie.  Apparently, vampires must sleep during the day or their bodies begin to fall apart.  Lorena has blood dripping from her nose, and Bill has a trickle coming from his ear.  He begs her to at least let him call someone to help Sookie, and he suggests calling Eric, since it’s his fault she is in trouble.  Laughing, she refuses and explains that Eric is the one who asked her to come here, and that Eric wants Sookie for himself.

Steve and Gabe come across Jason leaving with his bags packed.  Steve is sure that Jason must be in with the spying vampire-lovers, he has Gabe drag Jason into the SUV at knife-point.

Sam finds Daphne at the pond and points a gun at her.  He wants to know what Maryann is and why she wants to kill him.  She says that Maryann is a maenad (nailed it!) and that in Greek Mythology (tie-in with Bill’s book) maenads were handmaidens for Dionysus, a horned god with bad intentions.  Maryann is immortal and has the power to influence humans into giving into their darker wants of lust, excess, and violence.  Apparently, supernatural beings like vampires and shifters are unaffected, unless they are willing to let her in**.  Maryann scratched Daphne, and instead of letting it kill her, she gave Daphne the option of servitude in exchange for her life.  Maryann wants Sam because he was the “one that got away”, and now she is hunting Sam out of sport.  Sam is stunned and quickly takes off.

Hugo is getting more anxious by the minute, and when Sookie touches him to calm him down, she sees his thoughts…he’s the traitor.  She confronts him, and he confesses that since Isabella refused to turn him, he realized that she would never let him be her equal.  He now believes that vampires only care about their own kind and is why he joined The Fellowship.

Release-MeJessica wakes up to sensual music, rose petals, and Hoyte in a bathrobe lighting blood-scented candles.  He starts to explain that he wanted to make their first time really special, but she cuts him off and with a smile tells him to just take off his pants.  He gladly obeys and hops into the bed.

Steve and Gabe haul Jason out into the woods.  Jason thinks all of this is because of his affair with Sarah, but after Steve starts grilling him about his sister and him being a vampire-lover, he realizes this has nothing to do with Sarah.  Jason insists they have the wrong guy, but Steve leaves Jason in the hands of Gabe, while he drives off to tell Sarah about Jason.  Gabe forces Jason further into the woods, but when he starts making nasty comments about Sookie, Jason takes Gabe down in an epic fist fight.  He runs through the woods back towards camp, and is startled to see a golf cart chasing him down.  He’s relieved that it is Sarah, but before he can explain the situation, she pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Lafayette is in Merlotte’s ladies room making calls and trying to push the V that Pam gave him.  Arlene and Tara burst in, where Arlene tells her that she thinks that she may have taken advantage of Terry last night, but that they both blacked out.  Tara is taken back by the coincidence.  Andy stumbles into the bar, and starts yelling at the customers and employees alike, calling them “devil-zombies” and saying they can’t get away with what happened last night.  Everyone just laughs at him; they think he’s just a crazy drunk, since none of them can remember.  As Eggs gets up to leave, he specifically says goodbye to Sam, calling him by name, and that doesn’t sit well with Sam++.

At the pond, Daphne meets Maryann on the dock.  Daphne is ecstatic to see her master, and Maryann kisses her and thanks her for her service.  Eggs steps up and with black, glassy eyes, he stabs Daphne with the ceremonial dagger.

Bill_and_LorenaAt Hotel Carmilla, we see the end of the Bill/Lorena flashback.  Bill threatens to kill himself if she won’t release him.  Lorena loves him too much to let him kill himself, and realizing she will now be alone for eternity, she sheds some bloody tears as she finally gives in to him.  In the present, Lorena assures Bill that she is doing him a favor by separating him from Sookie — that he is being foolish and will only end up disappointed.  There is a knock on the door, and it’s Barry.  He tells them Sookie’s message through the door.  He says that Sookie is in the Light of Day basement, that Godric is captive somewhere on the compound, and that they are in trouble and need help.  Before he can turn and go, he is yanked into the room.  Eric has overheard the message from his room, and takes off for the LODI.

Gabe returns to the basement.  Frustrated that Jason has gotten away, he starts beating up Hugo, calling him a fang-bangin’ traitor and punches him before kicking him unconscious.  Sookie tried to stop him, but Gabe is too strong.  He thoroughly slaps her around before throwing her to the floor, tearing her dress open.  godricHe unbuckles his belt and is about to force himself on her.  Sookie screams helplessly, but suddenly Gabe is ripped off her.  Stunned and traumatized, Sookie sits up, and looking around, sees Gabe being held up by a tribal-tattooed teenager.  Sookie is shocked, and asks, “Godric?”

So this has got to be my favorite episode yet this season.  Things are getting wild, and True Blood really rox my sox right now.  I am so pumped for the war to begin in Dallas!  Make sure you check out the trailer for next Sunday night, Episode 2.08, Timebomb.

I give Release Me 5 Type A Negatives out of 5


by Rachael Edwards

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SIDE NOTES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

**Makes me wonder why Andy was unaffected when he came across the party…and remember when he saw the pig at Maryann’s the time before that?  I don’t think he was under Maryann’s influence, just drunk.  Same goes for the first time we saw Maryann’s powers at work at Merlotte’s she got Andy to get up and dance, but I think he was just really drunk.  Hhmmm.  If anyone has a better memory of that let me know; would love to know what y’all think on this.  Does Andy have some supernatural secret they haven’t clued us in on yet?

++I think that Eggs is more than just an innocent victim of Maryann’s influence.  He has said that he and she have a special relationship, that he has been living with her for a while, plus now he is freaking Sam out by calling him by name.  Not to mention the whole bloody rock at the campsite/murder scene.  Is Eggs a minion of Maryann like Daphne was?  Haven’t seen any scars on him though….


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