True Blood Episode 2.08 “Timebomb”

true_blood_sookie_season_2_posterSeason 2 is really starting to come to a peak as we find out more and more about Maryann, the Fellowship of the Sun, Godric, and Lorena.  Timebomb throws us a few curve-balls, answers more questions, and leaves us with one hell of a cliffhanger!

We open in the Fellowship’s church basement, and as Sookie is recovering from the attack, Godrick snaps Gabe’s neck.  Eric comes rushing in to rescue him, but Godric refuses, telling him to instead get Sookie to safety without killing anyone upstairs, saying he can take care of himself.

Jason is on the ground, and he reaches down to where he was shot in the chest.  Turns out Sarah shot him with a paintball gun!  Through a tearful fit, Sarah clues Jason in on why everyone is trying to kill him and tells him that they have Sookie as a prisoner. normal_TrueBloodDotNet_208_0233 This doesn’t sit well with Jason.  He disarms her and takes off in her golf cart, promising that if anything has happened to Sookie, he’ll be back with more than just a paintball gun.

At Hotel Carmilla, Lorena decides that a terrified Barry would make a nice snack.  After having a taste, she gets a confused look on her face and says he’s different.  “What are you?” she asks, just before Bill takes advantage of her distraction and beats her head in with a 52″ plasma TV.  He grabs the dazed Barry and rushes out the door.  Bill bursts into Jessica’s room and walks in on their awkward attempt at losing their virginity.  All three are fairly mortified, but Bill tells Hoyte that if he cares for Jessica, he will take her back to Bon Temps right now, before the sun comes up.  With that, he races off to the church.

normal_TrueBloodDotNet_208_0418Eric and Sookie are trying to make their escape.  They duck into the sanctuary, looking for an exit, and are instead met by Steve Newlin.  They become surrounded by his small army of followers.  Sookie tries to talk everyone down, telling them not only that Godric has escaped, but that they should all leave so no one has to be harmed.  Steve is amused by this, and states that he is not concerned with Godric; any vampire will do for the “holy bonfire.”  With that, Eric steps forward, and when she protests, he tells Sookie that he will be fine.

Lafayette is reading Tara’s tarot cards in a freshly closed Merlotte’s, when Eggs rushes in with some bad news.  He claims to have blacked out again.  This time he can’t remember anything between dropping her off for work and waking up on the cold ground by the pond (where he murdered Daphne).  Tara helps him home, leaving a very concerned Lafayette there to finish closing up for the night.

A little later, Sam is sleeping in his truck when he is awakened by a call on his cell.  The caller id says normal_TrueBloodDotNet_208_0825it is coming from Merlotte’s, but the caller just hangs up.  Knowing the place should be closed, he goes there to check it out.  As he searches around, he sees the freezer door ajar, and when he peeks inside, there lies Daphne, with a huge hole in her chest where her heart should be.  He rushes out of the freezer and the cops are already outside, lights flashing, with Sheriff Bud Dearborn hollering out to him.  A set up!

Jason arrives at the church with paintball gun in hand and toting some heavy-looking vampire-killing equipment.  He bluffs his way past some followers who are blocking the door.  He claims to be a Soldier of the Sun elite, called in by Steve himself.  Meanwhile, Eric is held down on the alter by a thick silver chain draped across him.  Bill rushes into the sanctuary to save Sookie, but Steve holds aTrueBloodDotNet_208_0943 gun to her, threatening to kill her unless Bill ties himself down too.  At that moment, Jason fires a paintball from the rafters and shoots the gun from Steve’s hand.  Sookie frees Eric, and just as Eric is about to seriously harm Steve, Stan and a posse of Texan vampires burst in, ready to make the first move on this human-vampire war.  Godric steps out from the shadows and requests everyone stand down.  Steve says he will never stop, but none of his followers are willing to die over his radical preachings.  As everyone leaves, Steve hollers that the day of reckoning will come, and Jason says, “I’ve already been to heaven, and it was inside your wife!” and punches the preacher’s lights out.

Back at Sookies house, we see Maryann cooking up a Cajun mirepoix and adding a very special ingredient: Daphne’s heart!  She chops it up and throws it right in with the sauteed onions, carrots, and green peppers.  Yum.

Sam is being treated like a suspect in Daphne’s murder, and getting grilled by the local fuzz.  Bud and Kenya say they received an anonymous tip, and find it troubling that not only does Merlotte’s have a history of magically appearing dead bodies and murdered waitresses, but that no information can be found concerning Sam’s past or identity.  Sam tries to tell them that Maryann is setting him up.  Andy stumbles into the bar, drunk as ever, and tries to corroborate Sam’s story, telling them about orgies and a dress-wearing bull trying to kill Sam.  This does nothing to help poor Sam.

normal_TrueBloodDotNet_208_1430Tara and Eggs are back at Sookie’s talking about the black outs.  Maryann comes in from the kitchen and promises to ease up in the partying.  She then feeds them what she calls “Hunter Souffle”, and the two dive right into the bloody chunky mess.  Apparently it’s delicious, because they can’t seem to get enough!

Godric is safely back at his lair, which happens to be a large and exquisite house, where all his vampire underlings are welcoming him home.  Eric confronts Jason about using V and his part in the vampire Eddie murder, but lets him off the hook since he helped them escape from the church.  Sookie begins to question Bill about why he didn’t come to save her, and Bill is not quick to answer.

Hoyte and Jessica make it back to Bill’s house, and decide to finish what they started at the hotel.  After a moment of searing pain, Jessica realizes that since she was made a vampire before she lost her virginity, she will be a virgin for all of eternity.  Hoyte doesn’t think that is such a bad thing, but Jessica is pissed that it will hurt every time she wants to make love.

At Godric’s Bill corners Eric and tries to tell hTrueBloodDotNet_208_1857im that he can’t have any contact with Sookie anymore.  Eric is amused at his threats.  Isabella drags Hugo before Godric.  Godric asks her if she loves Hugo, and she confesses that she still does, even though he was the traitor.  Because of her love, Godric lets Hugo live, telling him to leave Texas and never come back.  The other vampires are outraged at this apparent injustice, but Godric silences them, saying this is his judgement.  Jason approaches Bill and apologizes for being prejudice toward him and gives Bill a big, awkward hug.  Sookie again tries to find out why Bill didn’t come for her, and he says he was held prisoner, but still says nothing of Lorena.  Eric asks Godric why he didn’t leave right away at the church.  Godric says he feels responsible for the reasons why organizations like the Fellowship exists.  That after thousands of years, vampires haven’t tried to better themselves, and they are truly terrifying to humans.  He wants vampires and humans to be able to live together peacefully.

normal_TrueBloodDotNet_208_2135Bud and Kenya lock Sam up in jail, where he sees quite a few of the Bon Temps townsfolk.  It seems that maybe the people of Bon Temps are acting out even when Maryann isn’t around.

Back at Sookie’s house, Tara and Eggs are shoving the Daphne-heart souffle in their mouths.  They can’t seem to get enough of it, like it’s a drug.  Their eyes go black, and they begin hitting each other — hard — in the face, and relishing the pain, eventually leading them into a frenzied bout of copulation.  Maryann looks on, pleased with the result of her human supper.

Lorena slinks into Godric’s lair looking for trouble.  She finds Sookie and introduces herself, then gives Sookie a brief history lesson on her and Bill’s relationship.  Lorena tries to make it seem like she and Bill were havnormal_TrueBloodDotNet_208_2367ing an affair while Sookie was in trouble, instead of what really happened.  Sookie figures it out, and starts mouthing off to Lorena.  She jumps on Sookie, fangs poised, and Godric steps in.  Disgusted by Lorena’s behavior, he banishes her from his area, asking Bill to escort her out.

Just as things at Godric’s start to settle down, Luke bursts in the front door.  He must have followed the vampires back to the lair.  He gets everyone’s attention by saying “I have a message for you all from Reverend Steve Newlin,” and with that he opens his shirt.  Luke has a huge bomb attacked to him with heavy silver chains.  Before anyone can react, he lifts his hand to reveal a detonator and pushes the button.


Wow, this was quite the episode!  I was kind of hoping for a big fight between the Fellowship and the vamps, but now with this whole Luke situation, maybe i will still get to see my showdown sometime.  The L.O.D.I. really needs it’s ass kicked!  I also would like to see more about Godric and hope he becomes a frequently occuring character.  This season is really heating up and has me counting down the week until Sunday!  Tune in next week for Episode 2.09, I Will Rise Up.

I give Timebomb 5 Fangtasias out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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