The Time Traveler’s Wife Sci-Fi Love Stories *CLOSED*

ttw_gofobo_Large_3341We asked our readers to enter to win advance screening passes for you and a guest to see The Time Traveler’s Wife. To win passes, they needed take the 3 pictures displayed below, write a short love story and the best story would win a prize pack.

Here are your stories.

The Time Travelers Wife opens nation wide on August 14th, 2009

Our winner wrote a long story with a little twist, and I could not over look it.

Below are the Sci-fi pictures used to write the love stories. It was hard to pick just one and we did read them all.




The prize pack winner is Rich Lengsavath and here is his Sci-Fi love story.

From the moment he is born, it’s obvious that he is different from the other gorillas.  His hideously deformed face disgusts his own mother, and soon after his birth, she abandons him.  Left alone for days, he is near death, when luckily, a scientist named Conrad Bildner stumbles upon him in the jungle.
Dr. Bildner had been exiled from his home of Germany for conducting experiments that violated the country’s code of scientific ethics.  Dr. Bildner and his wife nurse the infant gorilla back to health, as their 2-yr old toddler daughter Roxanne observes. The Bildners soon learn that the gorilla’s face isn’t the only thing unusual about him.  He possesses an immensely advanced intellect, equivalent to human genius levels.  The Grates name him Zaius, after the character in Planet of the Apes.  Zaius is raised by the Bildners alongside their daugher Roxanne, and the two become best friends.  As children, they find an iguana and name it Godfrey, and keep it as a pet.
As teenagers, Zaius and Roxanne are a couple in love.  Zaius works alongside Dr. Bildner to advance the study of tissue regeneration.  Dr. Bildner explains to Zaius that he is ashamed at himself for many things he did in the past (although he never gives specific details about what he did), and that it is important to always be mindful of the ethical consequences of science.  They work together to regenerate a fly’s missing wings, and at first, their attempt seems to fail.  However, several months later, the fly is able to fly!  The regeneration process worked, albeit very slowly.  Dr. Bildner and Zaius are pleased, but believe that they need to speed up the regeneration.  Zaius then has a breakthrough.  Lizards are known to have natural regenerative abilities.  What if he could isolate that particular gene, and mutate it with radiation to accelerate the regeneration?  Disregarding the ethics that Dr. Bildner warned him about, Zaius cuts off his pet iguana Godfrey’s tail, extracts the DNA and mutates it with radiation (while wearing protective headgear to shield his own brain from the radiation), then injects it back into the Godfrey’s tail-less stump.  Within seconds, Godfrey’s tail grows back!  However, it doesn’t stop there.  Godfrey’s entire body starts growing at an alarming pace, accompanied by rapid shedding of the outgrown skin.  Within several seconds, he grows to the size of the laboratory and completely demolishes it!  The Bildners awaken from hearing the destruction, and run out to find that Godfrey is over 20 ft tall and growing!  The Bildners scream at Godfrey, who, in a panicked state, rushes towards Mr and Mrs. Bildner and tramples them, and swipes his tail at Roxanne, rendering her unconscious.  Godfrey runs away into the jungle, his thunderous steps shaking the earth.  Zaius carries the unconscious Roxanne to the nearest medical facility.  He leaves her in front of the hospital, and quickly leaves, knowing that if anyone saw him, they’d freak out.
Back at the old Bildner compound, Zaius is stricken with guilt, believing he is responsible for the death of his foster parents, and mourns for days.  But when he hears on the radio that a giant lizard monster has attacked a passenger train and killed hundreds who were on it, he pulls himself together and tries to find a way to stop Godfrey.  Zaius posits that if he can induce extreme shedding throughout Godfrey’s body, it would reverse the effects of the rapid tissue generation.  Zaius collects samples of Godfrey’s shedded skin, and with the use of radiation, is able to create a formula that causes rapid tissue decay.
Zaius contacts the German government, identifying himself as Dr. Grate’s protégé, and explains that he is responsible for the giant lizard monster.  Zaius says that he believes he knows how to stop it, but he will need the assistance of the German Secret Service.  The German government agrees to cooperate, and they send a small team of secret service agents to pick up Zaius, who dons a radiation suit so that the agents aren’t alarmed at his physical appearance. The agents and Zaius take a flight to NYC, where the latest sightings of a giant lizard monster are reported.  Zaius is able to lure Godfrey out with bok choy, and injects him with the tissue decay formula.  Within seconds, Godfrey starts shrinking.  Soon, Godfrey is nothing but a dead, shriveled up, normal-sized iguana with a stump for a tail.
Zaius returns home to find Roxanne has regained consciousness.  He explains to her everything that happened.  A few weeks later, as they are starting to pick up the pieces of their life and rebuild the Bildner compound, Zaius unexpectedly gets a visit from a German secret service agent.  Zaius puts on his radiation suit to hide his appearance and greets the agent, who tells him that he’d like to discuss Dr. Grate’s research, to assess the potential risks and consequences of other failed experiments.  The agent hands Zaius some research documentation from Dr. Bildner’s illegal experiments in Germany.  Zaius discovers that Dr. Bildner had been experimenting on brain tissue generation in gorilla embryos…


Our story begins with Antenna-ape and Giant Redhead, in a post-apocalyptic world. They fell in love with each other being that they were the only two beings on the plant who were 20-stories-tall mangled from radiation. Yeah, did i mention they were GIANTS!? Wicked cool. All was well and good with this, until other giants saw just how great Earth was now without all the pesky normal sized people. So, Man-In-A-Giant-Lizard-Suit, and a robot that looks suspiciously like Robby, among others (the others aren’t important to the plot) came to Earth to live. But so far, there weren’t any other females on Earth. So Man-In-A-Giant-Lizard-Suit, got in a fight with Antenna-Ape, resulting in Man-In-A-Giant-Lizard-Suit biting off Antenna-Ape’s enormous radiation penis (pictured above). OH NO! So, Giant Redhead was a Mega-bitch and didn’t care about Antenna-Ape anymore without his giant wang, so she moved on to “Robby” who also had a robot penis, and they got married (pictured above), and made cyborgs. And that was the first Cyborg. The End.- Josh Dunsel

There once was a gorilla who longed to travel into space.  He worked and toiled on engineering a spacecraft that was able to bring him to the far off galaxies in the universe that no only could survive the journey there and back, but that could also accommodate his large digits at the end of his paws.  As he readied himself for the journey, he realized that he would be lonely spending so much time alone traveling to and from his destinations.  So of course, he ran to the nearest Fall Festival and found a woman who resembled the fall colors on Earth, to be his mate in outer space.  Well, when the news hit the presses that the “Fall Festival” kidnapping had taken place, Godzilla was so upset that he began destroying entire cities, searching for the fair maiden.  He looked through and ate passenger trains and subways, cars, planes, and was so sad at not being able to find her, that his whole world lost color and he could only view and be viewed in black and white.  Meanwhile, the gorilla and “Fall Festival” maiden were heading into the far reaches of Outer Space, in search of that planet just past Pluto.  The “Fall Festival” maiden was not at all happy about her current situation and decided to try to pick up some satellite t.v. programming while speeding through the galaxy.  Once again, she was disappointed because all she could get was a really old version of “Old Meets New”.  Of course, in this episode, the fashion model is sporting the “Greek Goddess” summer wear and is accompanied by the designer (wearing the Robot costume), who cannot help but follow the model around carrying yards of silk fabric, in case there is a fashion disaster.  Alas, our fair maiden, out of total boredom, falls asleep and her head presses on the “Beam Me Up” button which beams her to Ireland, where her fashion dreams are realized by wearing plaid and living in a country where her hair and complexion are complemented by the lovely green foliage and men smelling of Irish Spring, where every meal is “Magically Delicious” , and Bono serenades her nightly.  And, they lived happily ever after!  🙂 –Ashleigh Gaunt

The Earth station contacted Captain Jupiter to assist with Godzilla who escaped from the monster zoo. Captain Jupiter arrived on planet earth and found a human. The human fainted at the site of him. He beat Godzilla by forcing a train down his throat and then had his robot Timmy awaken the human.- Robert Sokol

Once upon New York City an unruly monster was unleashed.  He viciously attacked the taxi cabs, but personally loved the taste of the subway. Saturday night live seemed to be his favorite showtime, unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed.  Neighbors were worried about their property values, you know.  Therefore, they devised a plan, disguise the monster, he just might fit in.  Of course, they never planned on him falling head over heels in love with the red haired MTA driver.  He caught sight of her just before his last bite.  The monster might have been the rebound guy, but at least he had better manners than her ex!  It is really a simple love story, absolutely in the style of “Beauty and the Beast”, but without the musical score.  Throw on a helmet, and trips to the park are less inviting to the paparazzi.  Of course, over time, every beast will need a full robotic suit to take care of their woman.-Anne Anderson

Don’t be alarmed by the gorilla in the space helmet.  That’s just me in my time travel suit.  I’ve traveled one million years into the future to find the love of my life.  What can I say, I love red heads.  She is so overcome by passion that she melts into my arms, but love isn’t free in this barren future world.  This future world of ours is ruled by a giant lizard creature.  He owns all the beautiful women of the future and I trade him a really cool train set for her. After a quick trip to the 22nd century’s Robo-Beauty Shop I am ready to wisk my gorgeous lady love off to an extended date back in our 21st century…and what a date it’s going to be!-David Knudson

Mad doctors run amok and have made many hideous creatures.  One such creature is a giant lizard beast called Gorf.  Another such creature is me.  I’m a hybrid cyborg.  Part animal, part machine, I’m not inhuman.  I have a computer enhanced human brain.  My name is Zeff, but my doctor calls me Harry.  I’m in love with a terrific gal named Zora.  She calls me Beast.  I call her Beautiful!  We love each other. Our problem is we’re not really compatible. .  My powerful clawed hands could tear her to pieces if I’m not careful.

The government has placed a $10,000,000 bounty on Gorf’s life.  That’s just enough to get a really cool new body transplant.  I can see me and Zora already, she’s decked out in flowing silk and chiffon and, me, I’m in my new sleek, German engineered robotic body suit. I can easily defeat Gorf.  With my powerful claws I can rip through his skin and take him apart from the inside out, like a mole ruining a lawn.  It’ll be the easiest TEN MILLION I ever made. This is my dream.  This is what I do for love in the year 2910.-Nancy Wamsley

A girl from the Earth and a boy from Mars met at a party.  Over the next few months they got closer and closer. Even knowing their families will never allow them to marry they continued dating. They fell deeply in love and had to tell their families they wanted to get married. They were VERY afraid their families would say NO. They decided to invite both sets of parents over and tell them at the same time. To their surprise both sets of parents said it will be a difficult road for them but if they think they can make a marriage work then they will give their blessing. Now 33 happy years later,  they feel if two people from out of this world can make their marriage work, then anyone can make their own marriage work!- Elissa Goodman

The torrid red head, svelte descendant of Moll Flanders, had fallen for the ape astronaut. His expansive charm and lack of verbal skills struck just the right cord with her. Both realized, however, that they must flee the area to wed, because the evil grand vizant had decreed there would be no exterspeciel sexual trysts. So they fled the area, her tail tucked between his arms. Meanwhile the grand vizant’s fierce, dinosaur enforcer had received information from unnamed sources of the escape and impending nuptials. Grado Dinosaur was not going to let these miscreant lovers flout the laws of nature and the grand vizant, and was checking all transportation out of the area especially wedding trains.

Lucky for our dare to be different couple, they had reached safe haven, the place for their gone ape wedding. Our red headed heroine prepares for the wedding and admires her beautiful retro 1960’s gown. Her metal handmaiden and maid of honor, Robina Robot, holds her train and reflects on her mistress’s mettle. A gloriousunion of fur and epidural, furdurial if you will, will soon take place. – Terry Kelly

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