True Blood Ep. 2.09 “I Will Rise Up”

true-blood-poster-vampires1-231x300So last week, episode 8 was action packed.  This week’s episode is oozing with emotions!  And fans of both the show and the Sookie Stackhouse series will be happy with the events in this show!  Luke hits the detonator and blows Godric’s house/lair to hell.  A couple vampires and quite a few humans are dead, others are injured.  Eric saves Sookie by covering her with his body, but has taken silver shrapnel to his neck and chest.  Eric claims that the silver will kill him unless she sucks it out like snake poison.  Feeling obligated, Sookie gets to work, spitting out as much blood and silver as she can.  Turns out he’s tricking her inorder to get her to ingest some of his blood!  When she realizes this, she is horrified and disgusted by the smug look on his face.

Back at the hotel, Bill warns Sookie that since she has tasted Eric’s blood, they will always be connected mentally and emotionally.  Another side effect is that she may become sexually attracted to him.  Uh-oh.  Jason takes over Jessica’s old room and he and Sookie have a heart-to-heart over the recent events (Gran, LODI, etc.), and they both decide that they need to stick together since they are all they’ve got.

At Merlotte’s, Arlene and Terry finally talk and are relieved that neither can remember if they had sex or not.  Of course, this makes them both frisky.  Eggs brings Tara to work and Lafayette jumps all over Eggs when he sees Tara’s bruised and beaten face and body.  She is trying to break the two up, defending Eggs as she drags him out the door, and she takes a wayward punch from Eggs in the process.

Hoyte decides to grow a pair and tells his mom he wants her to meet Jessica.  Maxintrue-blood-sookie-eric_le expresses her concern for him, but Hoyte isn’t fooled.  He calls her out, exposing all the hate she has for everyone and not just vampires.  After threatening to move out, she concedes to the meeting.

Alright, here it is, the part we’ve all been waiting for!  Back at Hotel Carmilla, Sookie is in bed with Bill, dreaming about being in bed with Eric instead!  They are having a good time, teasing each other and rolling around in the sheets, until Lorena comes into the picture.  She reminds Sookie that she is betraying Bill.  She puts up a poor fight as Eric pulls her down deeper.

Maryann storms in to the jail — greeted by cheers from the imprisoned townsfolk — looking for Sam.  Luckily he hears her coming and turns into a fly, escaping through a grate.

Meanwhile, Hoyte, Maxine, and Jessica are all sitting down at Merlotte’s for the big introduction.  Jessica is as sweet as can be, but his mama is as rude as ever.  Jessica and Hoyte leave after Maxine makes a comment about Jess never being able to have kids.  At that moment, Maryann storms in, and every eye in the place glazes over black.  She demands thanormal_True-BloodDotNet_Season2_117t the people of Bon Temps bring her a sacrifice — Sam.

Later that evening Eggs, Tara, and Maryann are playing cards and drinking.  Lafayette and Tara’s mom Lettie May burst in and drag Tara out the door.  As they drive off with Tara, Maryann assures Eggs that Tara will come back on her own.

Nan Flanagan arrives at the hotel to confront Godric, Isabella, Eric, Bill, and Sookie about the PR mess they have caused with the bombing.  Godric takes all the blame, explaining that he was not a prisoner of the Fellowship, but a willing participant.  I suppose you could get sick of being alive after 2,000 years…  He relinquishes his position of sheriff.  Through the whole meeting, Sookie keeps stealing glances at Eric, and both he and Bill take notice.  As the meeting ends, Bill punches Eric in the face, but Eric says “That doesn’t change anything.  I’m a part of her now.”  Go Eric!  I’m so sick of whiny Bill and sweet innocent Sookie.  It’s time to spice things up!!

Godric hits the rooftop, determined to end himself.  Eric follows, and we see a tear-jerking momnormal_Godric_007ent between them.  Eric begs and pleads for Godric to stay, but he will not.  He commands Eric to go back inside, so he can’t destroy himself too.  Sookie emerges, and promises Eric she will stay with Godric until the end.  They have a touching moment, and Sookie weeps as the sun comes up and Godric evaporates into a white-blue mist.  Too bad Godric is gone, I would have liked to see more of him.  I was kind of surprised at the way he died though.  Last season, when Bill ran out into the daylight to save Sookie, he looked like roasted roadkill…

All in all this was a fantastic episode.  I couldn’t tear myself away for one second.  I’m looking forward to having everyone come home and try to deal with Maryann and Sookie’s new found feelings for Eric.  There are only 3 episodes left!  Next Sunday is Episode 2.10, New World In My View.

I give I Will Rise Up 5 Bill’s Pissed! out of 5

pissed Bill

by Rachael Edwards


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