True Blood Ep. 2.10, “New World In My View”

eric sookieWow.  New World In My View has everything we have come to expect from the True Blood series!  Sexy vampires, horror, a shocking new twist, and tons of dark humor abound from beginning to end.

Sookie has another sexy dream about Eric.  Just as things heat up and he is about to sink his fangs into her bare flesh, she wakes up.  She and Jason are riding with Bill’s coffin back to Bon Temps, and as soon as they hit the city limit sign, they can see the whole town is in complete chaos.

Sam manages to find Andy in a hotel room, and the two of them are quite the odd couple as they join forces.  Andy drinks as Sam explains as much as he can to him.  Poor Sam.  His only ally at the moment can’t put down the bottle for 2 minutes!  The phone rings, and it’s Arlene, who says she’s under attack at Merlotte’s.  A trap, obviously, but they go anyway.

mad mommaBill, Sookie, and Jason finally arrive at the Compton home, where they find Jessica and Hoyte babysitting a black-eyed Maxine Fortenberry.  The couple fills everyone in on what’s going on with Maryann, Sam, and the town.  Jason tries calling the cops, but gets an answering machine.  He decides to put his newly acquired war skills to the test and head to Merlotte’s while Bill and Sookie go to Sookie’s house to deal with Maryann.

Andy and Sam walk right into the trap that was set at Merlotte’s.  They are surrounded and nearly captured, but manage to lock themselves into the walk-in freezer, and Andy manages to still have a bottle in hand!  As the ring-leader of the black-eyed crowd, Terry tells them their mission is accomplished.  I have to say, I’m loving that Terry and Arlene are finally getting to step into the limelight a bit.  Their characters are really great together, and I want to see more of them in the future!

sookie powerSookie’s house is a mess.  It’s covered with dirt, and leaves, and there’s a huge totem in her yard built from produce and meat.  Sookie gets a call from Lafayette, who not only needs their help with Tara, but also warns them that Maryann is very dangerous.  Before the can make their escape, Maryann is blocking their way.  Bill attacks, biting her neck, only to become sick by her black blood.  Maryann grabs Sookie (who immediately realizes she is the same creature that attacked her in the woods), but Sookie pushes back.  Sparks fly from Sookie’s hand and it stuns Maryann, giving her and Bill time to flee.  What is going on??  I am honestly glad that I haven’t read the book series at this point, because this came as a complete and welcomed shock!

Jason arrives at Merlotte’s, and only after threatening the crowd with a chainsaw and finally taking Arlene hostage is he able to get the crowd to leave. jason god He rescues Sam and Andy, but the crowd is back.  Sam realizes that these people won’t stop, so he gives himself to them in hopes of saving lives.  They get Sam outside, but are amazed when the “God Who Comes” meets them there — or rather it’s Jason and Andy using some hilarious teamwork, a gas mask, and flares to impersonate this god!!  Jason “smites” Sam at Sam’s request, and he appears to vaporize.  The crowd goes to tell Maryann the good news, and Sam reappears, naked, to a stunned Jason and Andy.

Lafayette and Lettie Mae have Tara tied to a chair.  She is acting possessed, spitting, chanting, and being evil.  It takes both Bill’s glamour and Sookie’s mind probing to finally free Tara of Maryann’s influence.  Bill tells Sookie that there’s only one vamp that might be able to help them, and he takes off.

Back at Bill’s house, Jessica has finally had it with Maxine.  This queenwoman has been hateful and crazy, even more so since she came under Maryann’s influence.  Hoyte can’t do anything but scream as she lunges her fangs into his mother’s neck.

Bill arrives at an exotic mansion crawling with secret service agents.  They say the Queen has been expecting him, and Bill is shown into a throne room.  We catch a glimpse of a bloody foot as Bill bows, saying, “Your Majesty.”

OMFL!  What a great episode!  Seriously, this recap does it no justice, so if you didn’t catch it on Sunday, then hunt it down, TiVo it, or find it On Demand!  Down side to New World In My Viewwas that Eric was nowhere to be found except for Sookie’s dream, and they didn’t elaborate on her new power.  Also, and I may be mistaken, but it seemed like the episode was a little short.  When it was over, I think my TiVo clocked somewhere between 42 and 46 minutes long.  Hmm.  The preview for episode 11 looks just as good.  I’m getting to a point where I am obviously loving the series since it’s coming to the pinnacle, but I am also dreading the fact that it is going to be off the air until next season…

I give New World In My View 5 “Sam, put your clothes on!” out of 5

sam pants

by Rachael Edwards


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