Bored to Death premeire on 9.20.09 on HBO

posterThere is a new show premiering on HBO this month called, Bored to Death starring Jason Schwartzman that I am really pumped for. Mainly because Schwartzman is awesome and would take advantage of anything he is a part of. Also, there are a slew of other characters being played by some very funny comedians and actors. Ted Danson will be playing Schwartzman’s boss and looks like he just needs an adventure. Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) will be playing his friend and looks to have a lot of his expected humor. The trailer also shows spots of Patton Oswalt, Parker Posey, Kristen Wiig and Oliver Platt. Let’s hope its a winner for Schwartzman, and for HBO. Watch the trailer now.

Bored to Death described as a noir-otic comedy with Jason Schwartzman pretending to be a normal guy during the day, pursuing a writing career while failing at relationships, and answering the call at night as a detective. Using everything he learned from reading spy novels to get the task done and embarking on his own mysteries as well. This should be good.

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