Dexter Season 4 Premiere Review *Spoilers*

Dexter-Season-4Who would have thought that Dexter would end up married, a father of 3, and Living the Dream, as the episode title states?  I guess those of us who read the book series had a heads up, but season 4 has a life of it’s own that looks chalk full of danger, dark comedy, and edge-of-your-seat thrills.

Living the Dream.  It’s what every American strives for.  That is, unless you’re a serial killer.  While Dexter may have everything he could ever want, he doesn’t have the one thing he really needs — time to kill.  Poor Dexter.  The first half-hour of the season 4 premiere walked us through Dexter’s life as a new daddy and a family man.  Cody is as rambunctious as ever and pre-teen Astor is giving a lot of lip, adding to the stress on Rita.  Their new baby, Harrison, is adorable but on the verge of being colicky.  Being the good daddy he is, Dexter gets up with Harrison during the nights.

As any proud parent can relate, Dexter is more tired than I have ever seen him in this series.  It’s affecting his work; he brought the wrong blood analysis report to a murder trial and got reamed by the defense, and thanks to him, the murderer has been released.  Though it is bad for his professional reputation, it is good for his Dark Passenger.  He’s been neglecting his need to walk on the dark side.  He had everything prepared for his ritual and just needed to find the opportunity to strike, but he was so tired he fell asleep in the car waiting for his chosen victim.  But you know what they say; if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  His second attempt is more successful,  but on his way to dispose of the body, he falls asleep at the wheel and wrecks his car.

lithgowNow lets get to the new killer in town.  The Trinity Killer, though never caught and only a  rumor in the FBI, has come to Miami to satisfy his own Dark Passenger.  Here’s the kicker — the role is played by John Lithgow!  He is terribly creepy and disturbing — and I’m completely impressed with him.  He went all out in this first episode, having two nude scenes and a pretty gruesome murder.  I can’t wait to see more about him, his role in the series, and the eminent meeting of him and Dexter.

A lot of other subjects were brought to light in Living the Dream: Detective Lundy is back from retirement to try to track down the Trinity Killer, throwing Deb into an emotional whirlwind; Det. Joey Quinn is falling for a reporter and giving out a little too much information; Deb is still digging into her father’s past, getting closer and closer to discovering the secrets about Dexter’s past; and Lt. Laguerta and Angel Batista have started a secret affair.

Though I am a big fan of the series and definitely looking forward to reading the fourth book, Dexter by Design, I have to admit the first 3/4ths of the show was a little slow.  I appreciate the detail and the way the writers were drawing us back into the series, but I was expecting just a little bit more.  But it all felt necessary, so in the end we come out with a subtle yet disturbing introduction into the series that will build up your excitement for the episode to come.

I give Living the Dream 4 ‘NoDoz’ out of 5.

no doz

by Rachael Edwards


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