Heroes Season 4 Episode 3 Review

peterI’m liking where this season of Heroes is heading and after three episodes I’m hooked again. In Chapter three “Ink” we find ourselves back at the carnival following Samuel Sullivan (Robert Knepper) on the path to replace fallen carnies. In the last episode he was after Hiro (Masi Oka), and this time Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) is in his sights. While impersonating a victim of Peter’s overtime heroics, he hits Peter right where it hurts, with his gullible empathy. In this meeting between Peter and Samuel we are left with two things: Peter now has a new tattoo and Samuel has a bit of a temper. I’m interested to see where this is headed, the fact that Samuel was able to sway Hiro seemed believable but, with everything that Peter has been through I can’t see him placing his trust with anyone but himself.
The other highlight of the night was the on going story of Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and Matt (Greg Grunberg). The fact that Sylar is wandering around in Matt’s head is really intriguing and his witty put downs give the show some great comic relief. sylarThis little story started off with Matt trying to ignore Sylar and bust a drug dealer. If there is one thing that Sylar hates most it’s not getting what he wants and what he wants is his body back and he is going to do whatever it takes to get Matt to make things right. Matt fell right into Sylars hands in this episode and we found out that Sylar isn’t exactly helpless inside the mind of Parkman, and he can be more than a little annoying. He can control Matt’s powers, so much that he made Matt think he had found a dead girl in a closet, kind of fitting that this would be the start of Parkman using his powers again as finding a little girl under the stairs is how this all started for him.
Finally, we have Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and her new friend, Andrea (Emily Adams) the girl that just so happened to see Claire push her ribs back into her body. mattThis seems to be a problem because Andrea won’t leave a little tissue regeneration alone and wants to know exactly what she saw. This also is an interesting relationship that I can see turning odd fast. My theory being that Amanda is not just looking for a friend to hang with but more or less she wants to hang her friends. Ha Ha I know, I’m funny, but seriously I get a real killer vibe from Amanda and its not Gilmore Girls, its Heroes. Claire just can’t have a good buddy to play with there has to be an angle.
So far this season, I like what I’m seeing we are back to Character development being the draw of the show. We are getting a look into the lives of heroes and how they deal with their powers, rather than blown up excuses to replicate old X-men comics.

I give “Ink” 4 “I dont see fake pink bunnies” out of 5

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By Ryan Davis

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