Movie Review: It Might Be Heaven

poster1 ITIt Might Get Loud is a profile on three of music’s greatest gifts: Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds) and The Edge (U2). I mean, come on. What else do you need? Prepare yourself for jam sessions that will have you rocking out like it’s 1973, without the long hair and smelly band van. So grab your jeans jacket and favorite pair of sunglasses because this Holy Trinity of rock brings together every element you need for a fun and interesting “rockumentary”.

The film is done by director Davis Guggenheim, who you might know from his previous work An Inconvenient Truth. It’s great to see that he can take a break from boring me to death and make an interesting documentary for a completely different audience. The film flows really well by binding the current event of all three meeting with each of their stories and beginnings. Finally, I’ve got some hope for what Guggenheim might put out next.

The documentary opens with Jack White crafting a guitar out of a coke bottle, one wire, and some screws. Once he’s finished he plays an impressive riff on his contraption and tells the audience,jack2 THE DOC “Who says you need to buy a guitar?” The opening scene gives the feel for the rest of the film as an easy-to-enjoy flick talking about great musicians. The scenes go by categories of beginnings, previous bands, and hitting the “big times”. It seamlessly blends between the three artists and each of them bring a unique perspective on music.

The Edge’s role seems to be the weak link in this, not because he’s uninteresting or doesn’t have a story, but simply because he gets over-shadowed by the lighthearted fun and upbeat feelings that are given off by the stories of White and Page. His sections are mostly about the trials and tribulations he went through in finding his spot in between song writer and guitarist. The best part about him is getting to see his meticulous use of technology to get effects layered upon effects, creating some of the coolest riffs and runs I’ve heard.

Jack White is easily my favorite part of It Might Get Loud. He supplies the soul out of the three, and you can really feel his raw passion for music while he plays the blues with his son, using only a piano and stomping his foot.U3 JACK WHITE Anyone who is a fan of one of his bands will get an interesting peak into his past and thought process. What had me laughing during the entire time was the fact that White seemed to be brooding during the entire interview and meeting with Edge and Page. His outfit is a throwback to depression era fashion and he dramatically smokes a cigarette through many of his scenes, making him look like quite the tortured artist.

Jimmy Page is the most experienced out of the three, and it shines through during his time in the light. You hear about how he went through his early bands and playing old-school British pop rock in the beginning of his career. He almost plays the “Wise Guru” role, just because of his calm manner and experience from the rock industry. The film wisely avoids touching on any drug abuse in his past, which is nice for families and keeping the tone of the film.

The soundtrack makes this film worth seeing on it’s own, without having all the great back story on the musicians. It features music from the varying bands that the men have been in and gives a track title and band at the bottom, like it’s a music video. I was constantly looking forward to hearing the next song that they’ll play throughout the film. This “rockumentary” makes you feel like you’re sitting right next to these great rock stars and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. This rock doc will have you breaking into the iTunes library as soon as you get home.

I give It Might Get Loud 4 “Bloody Guitars” out of 5


by Blake Edwards


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