Did someone erase my mind, because I like Heroes Again?

heroess2zachquintoThis 2 episode season premiere of Heroes started off touching base with what we knew from last season. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), Peter (Milo Ventimiglia ) can only have one power at a time, and HRG (Jack Coleman) suddenly has a conscious. Along with a minor recap we did get some new things Clare (Hayden Panettiere) is going to collage, Hiro (Masi Oka) started a new company, and the carnival of freaks is looking for new members.

This is really the aspect of the show that is bringing me back in, Robert Knepper plays Samuel Sullivan, the leader of the band of carnies that can do some really interesting things with tattoos. I have always liked Knepper ever since his days with Prison Break, another show that just seemed to disappoint me as it went on, but with this appearance in Heroes it seems that things might be taking a turn for the better.

Robert-Knepper-heroes-2The stories seemed to be off to a good start, even though once again the writers seem to be on a path to erase the past, it is a past I’m sure no one will miss. I won’t say that its all forgotten though, Hiro is still dying, but at least he is time traveling again. I know a lot of people thought time travel was one of the major problems with the show but for me when Hiro lost that part of his power the whole show lost a little something. So, I am happy to see things getting back to the familiar again. Now if we can just get the sword back into Hiro’s attire and stop teasing that Peter has his power back and give it to him, all will be forgiven.

FF_raves_heroes1_fIt was a surprise for me to see Zach (Star Trek) back so soon in the season and more like a sigh of relief as after lasts season’s Sylar is Nathan incident I thought it would be a good way to start fasing the real star of the show out as his movie career seemed to be picking up. Luckily, it seems I was wrong, even if Sylar is living in the mind of Parkman he is still on the show and with a little tattoo tease at the end it looks like he will be the focus in episodes to come.

I know I shouldn’t get too excited about this show but I do every year and I hope this year I won’t be disappointed. In my mind we are on track to save Hiro, get Peter his power back and finally kill off Nathan for good. Looks I have bought a ticket and am ready to ride the rides at the Heroes carnival.

I give Heroes Orientation and Jump, Push, Fall 5 “fixed carnival games” out of 5.


by Ryan Davis

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