Lost in Sunday Television: Drunk Driving and Fornication

1527463_f520Sunday night has become the stand out night for real good TV, a lot of the major networks knowing this have backed off and let cable have it’s day. At first this night was owned by HBO, because its not TV and all and a little show called The Sopranos let all of America into the lives of the mob, even though I loved that show and what it did for television, I don’t think we have ever had a Sunday like tonight.  My line up was as followed: Californication, Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, and Entourage.Now I know it takes a hefty cable bill and a DVR to have one of these nights but it’s nights like these that make it all worth it.

First up let me talk about my new guilty pleasure, Californication, a show that has no other place but cable. Now I may be a little bias on this one since the first season I have been hooked, “Knuckle deep”, as Runkle (Evan Handler) would say, in the life of this semi-single parent. This season, though it looks like we are back to some season one fun, as we start with Hank Moody (David Duchovny) asleep during sex, ahhh the life of a single parent. I like where we are going and I’m ready for the sex-crazed Moody from season one and from the all too descriptive teaser it looks like I will get what I want.

jon-hamm-300x271Next up was Dexter, a show that I have fallen out of love with since season three but this time around it looks as if we will get back to what I loved about season one and two. This season we will have Dexter (Michael C. Hall) going up against a killing master mind and at the same time worried that he will get caught. Fun! The real twist to season four is that Dexter has a kid and with this kid comes responsibility, or sleep deprivation, whatever you want to call it. I won’t say too much since another writer is covering this show but the end was enthralling.

So after some deep drama I needed some laughs and there really is no better show on TV than Curb, and this season is turning out to be the funniest yet. From the opening scene Larry David had me, its hard not to see him truly living out these situations. There were two main focuses to this episode blow jobs and what it seems Larry has been trying to do since the beginning of the season, break up with a cancer patient, how is that not funny? Seriously though, it is hard to beat this show watching Larry tear people apart for doing simple mundane things, it’s right up my alley, and I am truly looking forward to the many episodes to come.

Next up was one of the best mildly censored shows on cable, Mad Men. I have been chain smoking this show since it started and it never disappoints. Saying that, when the season first started I was a little worried, but after this episode it looks like we are back on track. From the first scene, I was hooked finding myself asking, “where is this going?” We started out with Don (Jon Hamm) bloody, and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) in bed with a strange older man. Though I saw where the Peggy scenario was going, Don’s story totally threw me off. This episode had it all: Don’s daddy issues, drunken comedy and that over whelming feeling to hate Pete Campbell. I can tell this season is finally where it wants to be, and I feel shameful for doubting it. If you are not watching Mad Men you are missing out.

6a00d83455738669e201157097bc9c970b-500piFinally, I ended my night with one of my favorite shows, Entourage and this episode did not disappoint. It had everything I have grown to love about the show: Ari screaming, Vince (excuse my language) fucking some random girl, and Drama having a panic attack. Ok, well maybe it wasn’t a panic attack but he thought he wet himself so it was comic gold none the less. The main feature of the show was relationships, Ari and Terrance, Drama and Lloyd, E and some random girl, and the main relationship Turtle and Jamie. Ari needs to find out why a broken relationship was all of a sudden offering a good opportunity, Drama needs to trust Lloyd, E needs to find out what “the random girl” he slept with gave him and hopefully, its only a little discomfort, and Turtle and Jamie need to figure out where their relationship is going. All of these things wrapped up into a really good episode where I got everything I wanted, emotion and laughs.

Now I know these shows will not all be on together forever and the marathon watching required to enjoy such a night of great TV is a lot to ask, but while it does, this writer will be glued to his seat every Sunday until this is over and I’m back to watching upstart pilots and network TV. While it lasts, I will be there to enjoy the best line up on a Sunday ever.

I give this Epic Sunday 6 “It’s not TV, it’s HBO, Showtime, and AMC” out of 5


by Ryan Davis

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