The Proposal DVD Giveaway *CLOSED*

Proposal_2DVDEnter to win a copy of the hit romantic comedy The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds. All you need to do to is tell us what lengths you would go to to get your dream job? The best entries will be given a DVD copy of The Proposal coming to DVD & Blu-ray on Tuesday October 13th. Contest ends October 12th. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Limit one entry per email/household.

brief synopsis:

Corporate ambition makes for strange bedfellows when a hard-nosed executive talks her overworked assistant into a marriage of convenience in THE PROPOSAL, arriving on Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD on October 13, 2009 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. A contemporary romantic comedy form director Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses), THE PROPOSAL is available in Two-Disc Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD editions, as well as Single-Disc DVD and Blu-ray editions. Bonus features include filmmaker commentary, bloopers and a hilarious alternate ending. Both Two-Disc DVD and Blu-ray versions also include a Digital Copy of the movie that can be viewed on an array of electronic devices.

Ashleigh G.- Sell my house?!

Erin Benesh- I’d have to use my imagination…and i have a good one!

Amie Whipple- The question should be ‘What lengths did I go to get my dream job.’ Being a teacher is my dream job. I went to school for five years and took out countless student loans. I am able to work with kids everyday and send them home at night. I love my job and am heading back to school to get my masters in education next year.

Kari Ewalt- I suffered through 20 interviews and wrote a 40 page regional operational plan to get my current “dream job”.

Tamra Batt-I’d even enter on-line contests!

Steve Perry- Not sure, since I haven’t figured out what my dream job would be yet, but I think I would start doing the job for free whenever I could.

Elishia- I would swim in a shark infested tank ( with a shark trainer of course) to land my dream job.

Amber Johnson- I have my dream job! all I had to do is get pregnant and stay home with my children!! I love being a mommy!!

Matt Durgin- anything

Ruth Ann Swartz- Well, I provide child care and Bible study teaching to two year olds once a week. I would pretty much do anything at this point to get my dream job! As long as it will not do physical harm to my body… hey I’m game!

Desiree Graves- I think I would go pretty far but not as far as Ryan Reynolds goes. No law breaking.

Chris Murr- In the words of Chris Rock from Boys in the Hood…..”I suck you d**k man!”

Karen Pohl-never had a dream job, so not sure, but it would be nice

Enza Ketcham- I have my dream job. I teach. I get June and July off. Lets keep it that way and hope that the President doesn’t take away our summers! lol. I wouldn’t go through many lengths for a job….but I would for my family. My job is very important to me but doesn’t dictate my life :).

Dee Rawlings- The most recent info given mostly true but the older, hard to verify info is bogus. Ex: I steal letterhead paper from every former job to write my own letters of reference (supplying phone #s to lines I have installed and answered by a paid relative). I make up fake letterheads from defunct organizations to CREDIT MY community work. I get a manicure and designer suit, shoes, and purse for the best interviews and (of course) return them to the store afterward.

Robert Sokol- I would read the obituaries and wait for a job opening.

Josh Dusel- To get my dream job? Not too far… But the lengths i would go to have no job at all? I would do unmentionable things…

David Stoltz- I got my dream job by sending a email all the way to top management and let them know what they would lose if I was not able to get it, So they gave it too me.. Hope this is a good movie…

Belinda Neibling- I moved to a city i have never even visited before to accept the dream job in sports marketing. There were opportunities to meet celebrities, watch free concerts and sporting events and all i had to do was put up with a psycho boss. She would call me with demands before i arrived at work, Send me on wild goose chases to pick up her cell phone charger, and send me picture messages of left over food asking me if i was planning to save this for the morning meeting. My devil wore Nike, and she put me through hell! Thank goodness i was laid off after a year!

Kim Starbuck- I’d definitely pretend to be married to get it! But then I’d have to get divorced first!

Amanda- Licking my future bosses armpit

Rick Tate-i would be willing to even take the boss to dinner, an let him pay lol

Doris Rawlings- I would go to the best schools, join the the most influential organizations and befriend those who can help my career.

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