True Blood Season 2 Finale! *SPOILERS*

True-BloodDotNet_Season2_162So season 2 has finally come to an end.  Beyond Here Lies Nothing did a great job of tying everything together and giving us some gratifying closure.  It also leaves us with an exciting jump start for season 3.

Sookie is in Gran’s house, and forced into a toga-style bridesmaid dress.  Maryann (in Gran’s wedding dress) wants to use her as bait to get Sam to show up. 

She also brings up Sookie’s interesting power, and hints that Sookie is probably a supernatural being because of that and her ability to be immune from her influence.  Oh, and it turns out the giant egg is just an ostrich egg, but that it represents fertility and is part of the ceremony.

Eric has arrived at the Queen’s mansion and gets stuck playing Yahtzee.  He wants to know about maenads, but the Queen wants to know why Bill knows that he is having humans sell V.  Apparently these are her orders, and if others find out, they will all be in trouble.  She makes Eric promise to “take care” of Bill.

True-BloodDotNet_Season2_161Jason and Andy try to sneak into Grans house, loaded up with weapons.  Unfortunately, neither of them even make it to the porch before they are over come by Maryann’s influence.  There goes my theory about Andy.  I wonder why he was never influenced the other times though?  Convenience I suppose.

Jason comes inside to tell Maryann that “the vessel” has arrived, and drags his sister outside behind Maryann.  Bill has Sam by the collar and offers a trade for Sookie.  Maryann agrees, and despite Sookie’s protests, Bill holds her back as they bind Sam and stand him before the totem.  The crowd begins going crazy, and Eggs stabs the ceremonial dagger into Sam’s chest.  Sam sends a mental message to Sookie to distract Maryann and destroy the totem.  She follows True-BloodDotNet_Season2_160through, using her power to help her knock over the totem.  Maryann is outraged, and decides to sacrifice all the people of Bon Temps, but before she gets the chance, a white bull comes out of the trees to meet her.  Thinking it is Dionysus, Maryann offers herself to him, leaving her vulnerable.  The bull stabs her with it’s horns, and then turns into Sam!  He pulls his arm out of her chest, bringing her heart with him.  He crushes it, and she withers into a nasty old corpse.  During Sookie’s distraction, Bill had healed Sam with his blood.  They had this planned the whole time.  Everyone has snapped out of it and no one can really remember much.

The next day at Merlotte’s it’s business as usual.  No one really wants to try remembering what happened, so Sam, Sookie, and Bill all pretend like everything is fine for their sakes (there is also a cute little cameo of the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris!).  Eggs is freaking out because when he awoke, he had blood on his hands.  He drags Sookie outside, begging her to help him remember all the times he has forgotten.  When he realizes Maryann had him killing everyone for her, he loses it and runs off.

True-BloodDotNet_Season2_165Later, Eggs comes back to Merlotte’s to find Andy in the parking lot.  Eggs wants to be taken in, he even brings the dagger as evidence.  But in trying to convince Andy how horrible he is, he throws him to the ground and stands over him with the dagger.  Jason walks out, sees the situation, and shoots Eggs in the head, thinking he was trying to hurt Andy.  Andy tells him to get lost…trying to spare him from being linked to a murder (a far cry from last season!).  Tara hears the shot and runs out screaming.  Poor Tara just can’t catch a break.  I wonder if this will make her even more bitter next season, or if we will see a change in her character.

Bill is getting ready for a date with Sookie, and he sees Jessica is all dressed up.  She tells him she’s going on a date with Hoyte.  He tells her how nice she looks.  The rapport between the two has greatly improved, and is on the brink of father and daughter now.  On the other side of town, Hoyte finds out that his mom really had been lying to keep him home with her.  He leaves to reconcile with Jessica.  When he arrives at Bill’s house with flowers, no one is there.  Jessica is at a truck stop, using her looks to have a midnight snack.

True-BloodDotNet_Season2_167Bill takes Sookie to a french restaurant that he has rented out for just the two of them.  In a surprising scene, he asks her to marry him!  Sookie is shocked and overwhelmed, she says she has too much going — from not knowing if she’s human to realizing she would grow old with out him if they did marry.  She goes to collect herself in the powder room, sees the ring on her finger, and rushes back out to tell him yes.  Bill is gone and there are signs of a struggle.  What she doesn’t know is that while she was gone, an unknown figure with gloved hands wraps Bill around the neck with a thick silver chain and takes off with him.  Could it be Eric, doing the will of the Queen?  Or is this some new adversary?  Will Eric take advantage of Bill’s absence to move in on Sookie?

I was really happy that all the resolutions happened in the first half of this episode.  It just seemed a little too cut and dry, but then they pulled out the cliffhangers.  I am really excited to see where the love triangle of Bill, Sookie, and Eric will go, and what will happen to Jessica and Hoyte.  Overall I think that True Blood Season 2 has been a great success; full of fun, romance, horror, and surprises.

I give True Blood Season II 4 magic Sookie hands’ out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards



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