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Sharyl Wallace: the horse ran away with me

Kieta Holmes: went camping for my birthday with boyfriend and 3 kids…. it started to rain and the tent leaked all night long…. yay for birthdays!

Dean Gerken: Domican Republic, Rained all 7 days there.

Kari Ewalt: Went to LA and it rained the entire time I was there so I never was able to go to the beach–plus the hotel flooded; Went to Duluth in the summer when the city was experiencing record breaking cold weather so we had to cut our trip short; Our boat broke down right by the dam and was crashing against the rocks; Got food poisoning and was violently ill the day I was supposed to fly to Florida and missed 2 days of my vacation; I got sunburned so bad that I couldn’t spend any time outside the rest of the trip.

Errin Mitchell: Every time we go to Disney World, every ride we really want to go on breaks down. Once, our test track car broke down while we were on the ride, forcing us to ride the ride very slowly. The next time, test track was broken down again, and we were not able to go on it. We got fast passes for Space Mountain, and as soon as it was our turn to go on the ride, it broke down and didn’t open up for the rest of the day.

Kari Ewalt: Nothing too dramatic, but when I flew to Acapulco with 3 of my friends from college, my luggage was lost so I spent the first afternoon there watching my friends swimming in the ocean and the resort pool while I sat on the beach.

Laurie Sorenson: Last weekend we went on a float trip…….noid-aph_4

Cecil Carter: We went to Atlanta for a fun weekend and there were several big events in town and every hotel within 100 mile radius was booked. Well, an old friend of my husband lived in Atlanta and said he could get us booked into a hotel in Atlanta. I told my husband not to pay until we saw the room because the motel looked shady; however, he insisted on paying before the room was taken. Here’s what we found: the door looked like it had been jimmied open several times; the room was damp and smelly, the bed was propped up on one leg by the Bible, the bedspread had stains and was smelly, there was a huge hole in the bathroom wall where you could see into the next room; the tub was rusted out and ran rusty water; there were very big holes in the carpet; and many other sights. We left to get our money back and noticed a hooker and her customer going into a room several doors away. Well, to add insult to injury. the manger pretended that he didn’t understand our English and kept saying, “You pay…No refund!” We slept outside in the car that night.

Larry Sorenson: There was this one time we took a cruise. It was all great until we hit an iceberg………


Sharon Harp: trip to calif it was cold most of the 3 weeks we were gone.

Delilah d Williams: my now husband took me home (south carolina) to meet his family, I (born and raised in vegas) am still adapting to getting your fruit and vegetables out of the yard (we now live in kc mo), one night we were deciding what to have for dinner, one of the men went out into the front yard, shot a squirrel and proceded to fix it for dinner……needless to say i did not eat that evening…….can we say RODENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Canning: I don’t remember much about it because our last vacation was about 30 years ago.

Tamra Batt: Hotel Cabo San Lucas over a July 4 holiday… During the heat of summer, taxis at this remote Mexican resort are few and far between. (Walking isn’t an option.) And food/drink prices within the compound are sky high. It’s gorgeous, but you have to conserve your funds and limit your meals. It was like visiting a beautiful, high-dollar prison. And since we figured the time change wrong, we BARELY made our post holiday flight home. Whew!

Tom Boyd: The main water line for the hotel run under my ground floor room burst. My room was flooded.

Crystle Dennison: lost our luggage -going on a cruise had to buy all new

Shaunta Howard: it was like 8 of us going on a trip to Chicago, we were driving my cousins car down there, she insisted that she could be the only one that could drive her car, BIG Mistake on me riding with her.. everytime a truck would come by she would put on the breaks real hard and slow down. I was scared for my life. She had to stop to use the restroom and stretch so much that I thought that we would never get there. and in Chicago the traffic is far worst than KCMO so I stayed angry the whole trip. That was the first and last trip that I would ever take with her.

Lisa Simon: My family and I drove to St. Louis .. with no hotel reservation.
Little did we know there was a convention in town. Hotels were booked for 150 miles around. We thought we would have to drive back and cancel the vacation!
We found a spot at a little motel. The room was filthy but the kids wanted to stay!! I slept with my clothes on! On top of the covers.
Let it be said.. I never leave home now without a reservation. : )

Liz Nelson: I went to Spain with my Spanish class a couple years ago and the first night we were in Madrid we had a night of free time so the teacher’s let us walk around the city. We hadn’t toured or anything in Madrid yet so we didn’t really know anything about the city. So me and two of my friends saw a big neon cross sign next to our hotel and thought that it was a great marker to find our way back to the hotel. We were wrong. There are green neon crosses on like every corner because it is the Pharmacy sign in Spain so basically we got really lost and were late for curfew and I almost had a panic attack because not even the Spanish police officer knew where our hotel was luckily we walked around enough that we got back but I hated being lost.

Adam Roberts: A couple from the same vacation. Couple years ago my college sweetheart moved to a small town south of buffalo off of Lake Eerie where some extended family had lived and I was invited to come and visit. So I did.It was exciting. This was my first trip alone. It started off excellent. Landed and had that “magic” moment of slow running at the airport and embracing. Then we got back to her room, which was, or what I thought was a two bedroom dorm. Turns out it was just two beds in a room.

This made things incredibly awkward because her room mate was always there and extremely nosey, so we decided to stay with her aunt and uncle. No big deal… but this was like living through meet the parents. I felt like I was being interrogated by them the entire time. So we decided to spend as much time as possible out of the house. She wanted me to see these Ice Dunes, which in the winter the lake water would splash against these rails and build huge ice mountains. We went out and were playing on them and have a great time when one false step had me crashing through the ice and into the most terribly cold water. Instantly i was froze and my girlfriend at the time thought it was hilarious and i wasn’t in dire need of help. After a few minutes I pulled myself out and she pushed my frozen feet home.

To try and make things better we went bowling. Fun right? We get there and each time i throw a bowling ball i feel a pain in my stomach. This continues for the rest of the trip. Coming home and returning to work the pain continues and I end up passing out at work and going to the ER. Turns out I have an enormous hernia.

The end of the trip couldn’t have been better when I rushed to the airport in Buffalo and got to the counter after the big, long good bye to find out that my ticket was booked for a month from the day i was trying to leave. So i had two options, stay another month or pay 100 bucks and get a new ticket for the next day. I did the latter. We booked a really cheap Econolodge, that smelled like a corpse for the evening and I made my flight the next day.

So there you have it. One of my worst vacations in my history.

Christina VonFeldt: I’m no fun, I don’t have a vacation nightmare.

Brian VonFeldt: Went on a family trip and two of the family members were in wheelchairs. Talk about a pain in the butt!

Donna Martin: We were camping and I thought I would be helpful and make sure all the equipment was packed and ready to go. We only had showers left to take and we could be on our way. I put my purse in to the car, locked the door and went into the shower. Unfortunately, my husband had left his keys in a jacket in the car and now both sets of keys were locked in the car. Thankfully the locksmith was quick in arriving… :)

Donna Martin: We rode our motorcycle to the Smoky Mountains, which was beautiful, but getting there was a full 2-days in the rain…

Belinda Neibling: On my first trip overseas, I took an Ambien, thinking it would help me to fall asleep for the 8 plus hour flight. Being as I cannot sleep on planes, I thought this was the best solution. Unfortunately, the Ambien left me feeling drunk and loopy and did nothing to lull me off to sleep. I arrived at Heathrow at 6 AM the next morning and had never felt so terrible.
I thought, nothing a couple hours of sleep can’t fix. After one bumpy speeding shuttle later, I arrive at my hotel only to find out that my room is not yet available.
Several hours later I am checked into my and fell asleep for 5 hours. I woke up feeling refreshed only to find out I had missed the hottest, sunniest day of the season for London.
Things turned around after that, but I will never forget my bumpy start to my London trip.


Cheree Mccallon: I have never had anything really bad happen like not having a room reservation at the hotel or my plans being completely botched. I have had my own nightmare of sorts. I went to Seattle with my best friend (we usually travel alone and he is used to running the show) but we went to visit a mutual friend of ours and I basically got stuck between 2 very stubborn and dominant people playing power struggle over how the day was going to go and what we were all going to do. By the end of the trip I wanted to kill them both!

John Platt: Two hours on the runway in dallas as a severe thunderstorm swept thru with no food, drink or bathroom available on our way to Disney World, Orlando.
Scalded my front in shower on 3rd day(Seriously, honest! water that hot) Hotel couldn’t care less! 4th day on Frontier Lost MineMountain roller coaster, slammed right knee into side of car, and spent the rest of the day in wheel chair. Last day, Easter Sunday(did not check calendar before booking trip) Magic Kingdom full closed park to additional guests(before EPCOT opened that fall) cloudy, 90 degrees, humidity 89% 1 hour to 2 hour wait on almost all rides(did I mention this was the 10th Anniversery Celebration.
Later that day, no breeze, wall to wall crowds, we stopped by Main Street photo shop for more film, and I suddenly developed the Shakes, sweats and chills, You Guessed it, Severe heat stroke! But wait the best is yet to come! Nurses and first aid personel rushed from the infirmary across Main street with wheelchair in tow and while wheeling me out the door the Nurse leaned over me and whispered, “You might want to close your eyes and not look!” “Why” I asked. She replied with a grin, “They just stopped the beginning of the 10th Anniversary Parade so that we can get you to the infirmary!”
And yes, I closed my eyes as she wheeled me past thru the crowded, packed sidewalk across Main St. directly in front of a Motionless Float Holding Who Else! Yep, Mickey and Minney Mouse on the Featured Float.
This is well documented and can be verified.

Jennifer VonFeldt: We were going on our family vacation. And half the family missed the connecting flight to Miami so half the family missed the 1st couple days of the cruise

Penny Cotsworth: We called it “The regional Lampe Vacation” the brochure was obviously taken when the place first opened. It was in Lampe, Mo the playground was a babyswing on a wooden frame. the swimming pool diving board was broken, the kids had to take a pitcher of water with them to use the pool slide and tiles were falling off the pool. the “game room” was a lean to with two outdated pinball machines and a ping pong table exposed to around the year weathering after I cried for about an hour we settled in and the rest of the vacation picked up from there. well, where else was it going to go!!

Michelle Graves: My boyfriend lived out of town and flew to KC to go with me on a cruise. I reminded him repeatedly not to forget his passport! We were at KCI getting ready to board our flight for our tropical vacation, when I asked him again….Do you have your passport? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was so frustrated that I ended up going on the cruise without him!!

Nancy Fleming: My boyfriend was moving back to California and he packed all his stuffed in to his Volvo stationwagon. We had decided to take the long way to California. We decided to save some money by camping 3 or 4 nights. The first night we stayed in a hotel in Denver and were going to camp the second night. We arrived in Yellowstone National Park to camp. It was September and it was cool and raining. We get to our camping spot and we are ready to set up the tent. I then find out that he had pack all the camping stuff at the front and we had to unload the whole stationwagon to get the tent, sleeping bags, Coleman Stove etc. It’s raining and everything is getting wet and he doesn’t know how to put up the tent. It wasn’t one of the easy dome tents. After the tent was finally up I had to make dinner on the Coleman stove in the rain. When dinner was ready, I keep calling him to come get his food. I finally go in the tent and he was asleep. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper!

Ashleigh Gaunt: Well, we went on a family cruise for Thanksgiving in 2008. On Thanksgiving Day, halfway through our cruise, I lost my glasses in Belize. The whole rest of the cruise, I could not see and the only time I could see is if I was wearing my prescription sunglasses. Do you know how dark cruise ships are inside, how hard it is to watch performance shows, trying to take pictures, eat and order food, or anything else without being able to see for 5 days? It was a nightmare, especially with 2 kids in tow and thousands of dollars spent!!!

Heather Hale: When I was 11 my parents told me we were going to fly to Dallas to dogsit while my aunt and cousins were in Disneyworld. I was so excited! When we got to Dallas my parents said “hey why don’t we trade in our tickets home for tickets to Disney World?!” I was so worried about where we would stay, spending money and my aunts dogs that I was furious! 11 years old and furious about the idea of going to Disneyworld? My parents explained to me that this had been the plan all along and we had a great time. :)

Lydia o.: It seems most of my vacations turn in to nightmares.In Florida we flew in and then a hurricane was coming in and the weather was awful you couldn’t even get in the water because of the red flag warning then we missed our flight out and had to stay another night and was late to work and had to work the whole day.Not to mention that on the way to the flight that we missed we wrecked the rental car and had to pay almost a thousand bucks to fix! not to mention paying for three plain tickets home.

Steve Sokol: We took our kids camping one weekend and pitched our tent. A storm was starting and we hiked back to the car for supplies. When we got back to our camp our tent was gone. We found it about a quarter mile away in someones swimming pool as you can see from the picture. We decided to go back home after that.


Theresa Kester: My nightmare is never having a vacation!

Lance Anderson: with the in-laws ’nuff said

Taeshaun: Five hours in to my Chicago Trip someone Stole my purse at the Navy Pier. Price less

Jo Sitek: Getting locked out of our room by this guy!


Chris Gillespie: missed our cruise had to join on the next day at port

Fred Pellerito: Our wedding last month in Vegas, at the same chapel that the King was married in was the most unusual day of our lives. Elvis even came and sang three songs and walked my bride down the aisle and gave her away!


Cristin Estes: Well…it was a nightmare at the time, but now its just funny. My girlfriend and I drive to TX every summer to visit her parents and get some sun by their pool. We both have an agreement that if one of us says “its time to pull over”, that means that you find the closest restroom as fast as possible and there is no joking about getting there. Inevitably, she had to go….I pulled over at a gas station, only to find it wasn’t open….zipped over to another one across the way…only to find that its not a fully functional station anymore….she couldn’t wait….and ended up having to go behind the building with every napkins, kleenex – you name it, in hand. At the moment…it was an awful experience and I felt really bad about not getting her to a restroom fast enough…now its just funny. Sorry…NO PHOTO of this to go w/ this story!

John Ras: When we were in Las Vegas the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night twice. We were at the 21st floor so it was a concern and hassle.

Dawn Strahan: My husband and I had been married for about a year or two when we decided to go to the East Coast. We flew into Boston (through Pittsburgh, who promptly lost our luggage) picked up our car at the car rental (the easiest part of the trip) and drove to the town my mother was buried. I hadn’t been to her gravesite in 15 years or so and we got lost when we got to the town. We found it just as the sun was setting and I told him “we have to go to Friendly’s”. This is an ice cream/burger type resturaunt that I used to go to with my grandparents as a kid. We finally found the place and they refused to wait on us because it was 15 minutes until closing. We hadn’t eaten since the airport in Pittsburgh at about noon or so and we shared a sandwich and a bottle of water for about $8 or so. We had reservations at a hotel on Cape Cod, so my ticked off, hungry husband drove us there. We got in about midnight or so and went to our room. We were hungry (did I mention?), tired, hot, sweaty-smelling and had to use the facilities. we got to our room and the bathroom door was locked. The gentleman at the front desk joked maybe someone locked themselves in the bathroom and killed themselves. (Massachusettes humor?) so he got us a room down the hall. We settled in, took a shower (nothing to change into) got some vending machine food and went to bed. About 30 minutes later, the air conditioner on the wall exploded, caught on fire and smoke immediately filled the room! Here we are, naked, in bed, had to put on our smelly clothing, call the front desk frantically, and we also had no power in the room. The same gentleman comes down the hall, takes a look in the room (the fire went out quickly on its own) and says “I think there’s more smoke in here than what should be in the room. Let me get you another room.” Now, this is with the accent that is well known back East and we say that phrase “Let me get you another room.” often in our marriage and it always brings laughter. So, we go across the hallway, get settled into our 3rd room, laugh for about 30 more minutes and finally go to sleep. I called my great grandmother the next morning, who was expecting us to drop by at some time and visit and told her we had no luggage, was there a Wal-Mart around. We are still in the same clothing we traveled in the day before, in July, very sweaty smelling. Of course, there’s no Wal-Mart on the Cape. But she could take us to Barney’s. Your great grandfather LOVED Barney’s. I just wanted some deoderant, a cheap change of clothing and something for my husband, not an expensive shopping trip. We decided to meet up with her later in the morning and went out for the best blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had. When we got back to the hotel, lo and behold, the guy was there with the airlines with our luggage. We had hoped they would find us that day because we only spent one night on the Cape and was driving to Connecticut that evening. I gave him a very smelly hug and we again showered, dressed and met my great grandmother. The rest of the trip (two weeks) was pretty uneventful, except for storming in Wilmington, North Carolina, when I would have rather visited the beach.

Dean Bennington: Spent 4hrs at the Atlanta airport during an ice storm that they were not equipped to handle .

Donsha’ Finley: The last vacation we went on was horrible. We took all 5 of our kids to an indoor water park (big mistake). We stayed in a hotel room not resort material it was a double bed and we were under the impression that it was a double room. You try that on for size and see how that fits you.

Kris Davila: We went on a family vacation in the beginning of July. We went to Washington DC for 10 days, the first 4 days my 17 yr. old daughter was complaining of not feeling good and was just drained by walking around all those days. By that 4th day I told her enough, and she said her throat was hurting. I finally took a look at her. She had a fever of 103 and she had white patches all over the back of her throat. She had Strep Throat that whole time. I felt like the worst mom on earth. We got her started on antibiotics and gargling and within days she felt 95% better.

Judy Rainwater: Going camping, drove down a hill to a campsite. That night it started raining. Tents flooded. 4 people crammed in a van that night. The next morning could not get out because the way out was mud. Spent 4 hours trying various ways of getting out.

Rudy Garia: My vacation nightmare happened 2 years ago when 3 friends and myself went to New York City. At the airport, to put it nicely, 2 of us had our luggage searched. After arriving in NY we caught a cab to our hotel. On the way to the hotel we were stopped at a light and the cab in front of us was robbed. The f*cker wouldn’t move his cab until the cops got there. So we were there for almost an hour It rained the whole time we were there. Then on the last day there we were riding the subway. On the subway someone pickpocketed my friend and took his wallet. So he says. We all think he lost it. Anyway we arrive at the airport and he didn’t have any id. It took forever to get the airport staff to allow him on the plane. Never again will i go to NYC with them. (lol)

Gene Harp: trying to follow somebody thru traffic in san deigo and not being able to change lanes when needed and having to exit and not know where we were headed in the first place and the exit off didn’t have a way to get back on interstate at that exit. not a pleasant time.

Heather Fitzpatrick: A scary affair men dressing as women and not in a good way…see attached. There are things you just can’t unsee.

Sara McElroy: We were in Branson, MO in a cabin in the woods off Table Rock Lake and a skunk terrorized my husband every time he went outside for a cigarette.

Shane Adams: Two summers ago, my wife and I spent three weeks in France and Italy. On the way back from Rome on the last leg of our trip, we rode an overnight train that was to bring us into Paris about 4 hours before our flight left for the United States. We had just found out that my wife’s long-time art mentor had passed away and we were planning to head to the funeral as soon as we returned to Kansas City. Unfortunately, our train had “electrical issues” and was stopped for several hours in the middle of the night, which cut our 4-hour lead time to less than an hour. We had to rush from central Paris to Charles DeGaulle airport, which is a half-hour train out of town.

We arrived at the Continental desk 20 minutes prior to our flight to explain to them our issue. The agent was completely unreasonable, claiming that since we had bags to check and that it was an international flight that we would not be allowed on the flight. My wife broke down into tears and I basically begged them for a bit of leniency, considering that this was something completely out of our control. No dice. We ended up having to pay for a hotel room in Paris to stay overnight for the next flight to the U.S. (all other flights the rest of the day were completely booked), which cost us an additional 300 Euro because there is only ONE hotel at the Paris airport, a Sheraton.

The next day, weather kept us grounded for an additional 3 hours past our departure time. Needless to say, I will not be flying Continental ever again internationally and I will not be trusting Trenitalia to get me to my destination on time. My wife was not able to say goodbye to her mentor, the woman who inspired us to take the trip in the first place.
Not fun.

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